These Top-Rated Pool Floats Are The Best For Lounging This Summer

by Kim Quindlen
Elite Daily/Amazon

Nothing beats sunny weather, an ice cold drink, and a day spent lounging by the pool. And for those looking to take their pool game to the next level, the best-rated pool floats out there are a great way to enjoy the day and relax by the water.

But, since every single well-rated pool float is highly vetted by users who say it's great, you'll want to have a good idea of exactly what you're looking for as you shop. Every one of the floats on this roundup is durable, comfortable, and can stand up to a lot of weight. So consider what else you might need or want in a float. Are you looking for one specifically designed to help you relax and stretch out, or are you on the market for an Instagram-worthy float? Do you want to be partially submerged in the water, or would you rather stay dry on top of your float in the summer heat?

From floating tanning beds to pool floats with canopies, to chaise lounges that let you rest both in and above the water, there is something out there for every preference. Here are five of the best-rated pool floats to give you the relaxing, exciting, and even photo-worthy pool experience you’ve been waiting for.

A Chaise Lounger With A Cup Holder And A Mesh Bottom

This floating pool recliner features a mesh seat that allows your lower torso to stay cool and refreshed in the water while the rest of your body stays warm and dry above the water’s surface. There’s also an integrated headrest, backrest, and footrest, so you can fully relax in the water without lifting a finger. Thanks to a patented innerspring around the outside edge of the float, the float is designed for extra stability — so no need to worry about knocking your drink out of the convenient cup holder while you’re trying to get gracefully in or out of your favorite new floating recliner this summer. It's no wonder this pool float has nearly a perfect rating from almost 2,500 Amazon users.

A Budget-Friendly Pool Lounge With A Built-In Arm Rest

It’s hard to believe this affordable inflatable pool lounge is only $5. It comes with a built-in drink holder, armrests, and a backrest, not to mention a repair patch so you can fix any small rip or tear on the fly. Even at such a low price, nearly 1,500 Amazon users are thrilled with the quality of this pool float, with one person raving: “Duh, you should have purchased it already! This was like heaven on the water,” and another user saying that even though they’ve “tried more expensive inflatables for the pool,” this one is “the best I have found.” Plus, in addition to being a great pool accessory, it can also hold up in slightly rougher waters. One satisfied user said that it survived his trip in a whitewater river and stated that “the King Kool has cult status among my circle of friends” due to the fact that it is “unmatched in comfort, portability, value, and on-the-water mobility.”

A Pool Float For Two That Comes With A Retractable Canopy

This large pool float has a detachable fabric canopy that provides excellent sun protection on a hot summer day, allowing you to lay out on the water all afternoon without getting sunburnt or overheating. It’s designed for maximum flexibility, so you can easily adjust it to fit your most comfortable position. It comes with two cup holders and enough space to comfortably fit two people, so you and your bestie or significant other can spend the day floating around on this makeshift island without a care in the world.

A Durable, Instagram-Worthy Unicorn Float

This inflatable pool unicorn, which you may recognize from your Instagram feed, has been praised by hundreds of Amazon users as a float that is as durable as it is cute. It’s made from a high-quality, UV-treated raft-grade vinyl that’s 25 percent thicker than most pool floats, and it’s capable of holding more than 500 pounds of weight; so in addition to being perfect for the pool, this unicorn is also strong enough for you and your friends to take on your trip to the beach or your float down the river. Plus, the new “rapid valve” means this pool float inflates 10 times faster than traditional valves, so rather than having to set 20 minutes aside to get your unicorn to the perfect size, it will be ready to go within two minutes of heading out to the pool or arriving at the beach.

A High-Quality Tanning Float You Can Lie Flat On

This high-quality pool float is a great purchase if you're looking for a float that allows you to lay out and tan all day. It's coated with vinyl on both sides, so you can chill out in the pool for hours at a time while trusting that your floating tanning bed will maintain its premium and durable quality use after use. Available in five different thicknesses and eight colors, you'll be able to find the perfect float for you and your pool. One user raved that this is a “great float, good head/neck support, I'm 6ft tall 200 lbs, enjoyable to float and soak all day.” Another reviewer said, "so relaxing! Love this float! I could fall asleep on it.”

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