The Most Astrologically Compatible Jonas Couple May Surprise You


When a new love song comes out, there's often speculation about who the artist wrote the lyrics about. But when it comes to the Jonas Brothers' latest hits, there's no question they're singing about their wives. Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas even starred alongside Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas (respectively) in their “Sucker” video, and again for “What A Man Gotta Do," collectively raising the bar for couple goals everywhere. Not that it's a competition, but you can't help but wonder which Jonas couple is the most most astrologically compatible. They all seem beyond happy, but couples as swoon-worthy as the Jonas Brothers and the J-Sisters just have to be written in the stars, right?

The answer is actually kind of surprising. It's important to remember that while the zodiac can offer some interesting insights and guidance about relationships, it doesn't offer up a predetermined destiny. Any zodiac pairing can build a happy, healthy relationship, regardless of compatibility. Besides, the love between all three of the Jonas couples is super obvious. Taking the stars into consideration, all three couples are strong, but there's one galactic outlier; a couple destined to be together. Here's what the stars have to say about the Jonas couples, in ascending order of compatibility.

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

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One look at the blissfully happy Joe and Sophie makes it clear they're in love, so it might come as a shock that their zodiac signs are not very compatible. Turner was born on Feb. 21, 1996, under the sign of Pisces, and Jonas was born Aug. 15, 1989, making him a Leo. Despite being two of the most loving and optimistic signs in the zodiac, they don’t really click together. There's often an initial attraction, as Leo is charming and larger-than-life and Pisces is drawn to their charisma. However, the trouble begins when their needs are in direct opposition. Both signs want to be the star of their relationship. Leo wants to be adored and Pisces needs to be swept off their feet. It creates a stalemate that can easily turn into resentment and lead to the dissolution of the relationship. Don’t panic, Joe and Sophie stans. That doesn’t mean this Leo and Pisces couple aren’t made for one another, since they’ve clearly figured out their dynamic. If anything, these two are proof that astrological compatibility isn't the end-all, be-all.

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra

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If Nick and Priyanka seem like a golden couple, it's because they are. Chopra’s birthday is July 18, 1982, which makes her a Cancer, and Jonas, a Virgo, was born Sept. 16, 1992. These two signs have a beautiful and intimate connection. Grounded Virgo is about as steady and reliable a partner as Cancer could hope for, which is essential for this water sign to open up their heart. Their sexual compatibility is so intense, there's no shortage of passion between them. Their one potential stumbling block? Virgo's overly-critical side. Even though Virgo intends for their advice to come off as constructive criticism, sensitive Cancer doesn't always interpret it that way, and can become increasingly defensive and angry if they feel like they're under attack. But if they can avoid that pitfall, their differences can really strengthen their connection. Cancer can help Virgo get in touch with their more emotional side, and reasonable Virgo can help guide Cancer through difficult situations, which builds trust and creates an unbreakable bond.

Kevin Jonas & Danielle Jonas

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If you want to see what soulmates look like, look no further than Kevin and Danielle Jonas' astrological compatibility, because their connection is cosmic. Kevin was born Nov. 5, 1987, under the sign of Scorpio, and Danielle's birthday is Sept. 18, 1986, making her a Virgo. In Virgo, Scorpio finds the loyal and trustworthy partner they've always dreamed of and worried didn’t exist; the kind of partner they can be truly authentic with. In return, Scorpio offers Virgo the excitement and passion they crave. It might take a little time for these two signs to get a relationship off the ground because it feels almost too good to be true, but once they know they can trust one another, there's no stopping their love connection.

According to the stars, Kevin and Danielle are the most astrologically compatible Jonas couple. But it’s also pretty obvious the planets have aligned for all three in the most important ways. In other words, you’d be “Sucker” to bet against any of them.