Super Bowl LV in 2021 spawned memes about Tom Brady, The Weeknd, and tons of commercials.

These Memes About The Super Bowl Are Truly All Over The Place

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The Super Bowl is definitely a lot different this year. Since getting together with a bunch of friends for a big watch party isn't really a possibility in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, football fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to the big game. And of course, tons of new memes were born. These Super Bowl 2021 memes took over the internet on Sunday, Feb. 7 and they're sure to stick around on Twitter for weeks to come.

Every year, the Super Bowl gives everyone a prime opportunity to live-tweet to their hearts content since pretty much everyone in the U.S. watches the big game. That's what makes Super Bowl Sunday such a huge day for spawning new memes that take over Twitter. Whether the jokes are about the actual game or all the star-studded, attention-grabbing commercials that premiere throughout the breaks, the internet is pretty much guaranteed to launch a few new memes.

Funnily enough, superstar quarterback Tom Brady was the subject of most of the big memes last year, as viewers jokingly pointed out the perennial Super Bowl player was left out of the big game and wondered whether he would retire after his contract with the New England Patriots expired. Now, Brady's the one laughing as he plays his record tenth (!) Super Bowl this year as the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As always, Brady was a major topic of conversation online during Super Bowl LV, as viewers cracked jokes about the superstar switching teams and facing off against the much younger Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Viewers also celebrated an early play by the Buccaneers with a ton of memes about Brady and Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski's synergy. The Tampa team scored the game's first touchdown thanks to a pass Brady made to Gronk.

There was also a lot of Twitter backlash against the Super Bowl honoring frontline workers in the pre-show only to show a stadium packed with cheering fans throughout the game.

While the stands in the Raymond James Stadium may have looked absolutely packed, it actually was not as full as it appeared on TV. There were 25,000 fans in attendance, but the stands were also filled with 30,000 cardboard cutouts that fans could buy from the NFL to represent themselves without actually being there. Some of these fans took the opportunity to honor their favorite celebs with their cutouts, as photos of Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, and that oh-so-famous Bernie Sanders meme popped up in the seats.

But of course, the real breakout meme of the night came from The Weeknd's halftime show performance. In the middle of his medley, the performer wandered through a golden, reflective labyrinth, and a video of him looking a bit lost immediately became internet gold.

While watch parties had to be scrapped for the 2021 Super Bowl, at least Twitter was as full of hilarious jokes and reactions as always.