The Maybelline x Ashley Longshore Collaboration Has Some Of The Coolest Packaging In Makeup History

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Courtesy of Maybelline

Without a doubt, Ashley Longshore is the coolest person I've never met. After coming across her art on numerous occassions, tracking her down on Instagram and throwing her a follow, I can honestly say I enjoy her online presence as much as her artistic talent — girl keeps it real, and if you're in need of good vibes and beautiful art on your feed, she's a must-follow. If you're already a fan and hoping to rep Longshore in other ways, the Maybelline x Ashley Longshore collaboration will undoubtedly excite you as much as it does me. The artist has teamed up with everyone's favorite drugstore beauty brand to give their packaging a punchy, colorful wake-up call.

Talk about a collab I didn't see coming but couldn't be more thrilled about! And of course, Longshore is equally pumped. "Announcing THE NEXT BIG GLOBAL COLLABORATION FOR MAYBELLINE!!!! !!!! ITS MEEEEE!!!!" she wrote on Instagram, and I have literally never liked a post so fast. Natch, the Maybelline team is just as happy with their decision to team up. “Maybelline New York is excited to work with a true creator like Ashley Longshore who continues to push boundaries," said Trisha Ayyagari, Global Brand President, in a press release. "This collaboration emphasizes the shared brand values of encouraging individuality and self-expression," said Ayyagari.

Individuality is definitely what sets Longshore apart from the rest, along with a great sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek wit:

Some of Longshore's best-known works are her portraits of badass women, like the RBG masterpiece below:

And for Maybelline, she utilized her skills to trick out six shades of the Superstay Matte Ink with some incredible packaging:

Courtesy of Maybelline

Obsessed! I need all six! Actually, I need 12 — six to use, and six to keep untouched as collectors items and place in my coming-soon shrine to Longshore. I'll get started on that as soon as I can actually afford one of the paintings. A girl can dream, and until then, there's Instagram. Oh, and these lipsticks!

The lineup features six of the brand's most popular shades, in the iconic lightweight, longwearing, velvet matte formula:

Courtesy of Maybelline

“Recreating my designs for the packaging of Maybelline New York’s SuperStay Matte Ink was an incredible opportunity to work with a new medium — my love of color is always what really makes my artwork 'POP' and the Maybelline shades selected really emphasize this," said Longshore in a press release. "I have always found synergies between makeup and art as tools to express myself, and I hope this collection empowers others to do the same,” Longshore added.

Let's take a walk through the shade range, shall we? First up is "Loyalist," a nude with some luscious lips and gold grills adorning the packaging:

Courtesy of Maybelline

Next is "Dreamer," a bubblegum pink that features green gems and the phrase "Livin the dream," which Longshore created as a tagline for the collaboration:

Courtesy of Maybelline

Moving right along, "Visionary" is a grape-y nude, with one of Longshore's signature floral masterpieces, complimented by some beautiful butterflies:

Next is "Believer," a bold berry featuring what appear to be female superhero masks:

Courtesy of Maybelline

I noticed this design is similar to a post from Longshore's feed. So cool!

Next is "Artist," a wine hue decked out in proclamations of "Yes":

Courtesy of Maybelline

And lastly, "Pioneer" is a bold red, one obviously meant to be rocked with an even bolder pair of heels:

Courtesy of Maybelline

Never in my life have I seen packaging this good. Ashley's talents are unmatched! To shop these limitied-edition Longshore-ified versions of the Superstay Matte Ink lippies when they go live online and in store come September 2019. Hint hint, though — you can pre-order certain shades in bundles on Amazon right now. Thank me later.

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