Maybelline Is So Sure They Have The Perfect Universal Lipstick, They'll Refund You If You Hate It

by Stephanie Montes

I know I'm not the only one who's bought a lip color or spent money to follow a lipstick trend, only to get home, crack it open and realize I don't love the color on me as much as I thought. However, one new product launch is aiming to make wasting money in search for the perfect lipstick for your skin tone a thing of the past. Maybelline New York has created a collection of seven red shades, each one hand-tested on women of so many skin tones to ensure there's a shade for everyone. And Maybelline is so confident they got it right, the brand is offering your money back if it doesn't complement your complexion beautifully.

The Maybelline New York Made For All by Color Sensational collection was meticulously tested on 50 different women with diverse skin tones and underwent extensive research end up at the perfect mixtures of shades and undertones, all to ensure it'll look incredible on you. So whether you're on the fairest side of the shade spectrum, the deepest, or somewhere in between, Maybelline claims there's not one person who can't pull off a shade in this collection.

The Made For All Collection features seven universal shades: Spice For Me, Mauve For Me, Pink For Me, Fuchsia For Me, Red For Me, Ruby For Me, and Plum For Me. Notice how all the names have "For Me" in the name? That's because the shade is so good, it's like it was made for you. Scroll down for a peek at each shade paired with a variety of different skin tones.

If you're in the market for a classic red lipstick (one out of an old film) that'll look bright and poppy against your skin, there's the matte shade Red For Me. I mean, Maybelline wasn't wrong on this one. It's damn good:

Mauve For Me is a satin, pinky mauve shade that'll give your favorite nude lipstick a run for its money.

Fuchsia For Me is a bright pink satin shade for those days when you feel like turning heads.

Pink For Me is a muted pale pink shade in a satin finish that feels feminine without looking bubblegum-y.

Ruby For Me is another true red, but this one has a satin finish that makes your lips look oh-so-juicy.

Plum For Me is shade of pinky purple with a satin finish, perfect for when you want to step out of your comfort zone.

Here's another gorge group shot of Plum For Me:

Spice For Me is for all those beauty junkies out there who love a touch of orange to warm up their complexion.

While orange lips might be intimidating, this is proof that anyone can wear this burnt cinnamon shade in a satin finish.

The Made For All by Color Sensational will be available online and at mass market retailers nationwide beginning this month for $7.49. But don't get too hung up on the price — if you don't love your selection, Maybelline will refund you anyway! Just remember a few details about returns: The refund promotion is only valid on Made For All lipsticks purchased in 2019, and online refunds are only valid if you purchase from Walmart's website.