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The Upcoming Super Flower Moon Will Be So Dramatic, So Buckle Up

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Have you ever noticed how drama in your life (and all around you) almost always tends to coincide with the full moon? I think of this lunation as the climax of a movie, when the final battle takes place or when two lovers finally kiss; except this isn't a movie — this is real life. It's as if a full moon can't help but conjure an unforgettable moment, and believe me, that's not a coincidence. It all has to do with the nature of the lunar cycle, and when the May 2020 full moon takes place, the meaning of the Super Flower Moon will evoke so many revelations about who you are and the world you live in.

While a full moon is certainly mesmerizing to look at, you might be surprised to know that there's an astrological reason for all the chaos behind this lunation. This is when the sun and the moon form an exact opposition. In astrology, the sun rules over your overall character and the part of you that all the world sees. Adversely, the moon rules over your internal self and your subconscious; the part of you that's reserved only for you and those who are closest to you.

During a full moon, it's as though your inner truth can't help but make itself known. Of course, when the raw, unfiltered truth is unleashed, things tend to get a little turbulent and uncomfortable. Often, a full moon encourages conflict because it shows your reality is far different than what you initially thought. By overcoming these obstacles, a full moon leaves you with the impulse to create positive change.

Even though it certainly raises the stakes and the emotional temperature, a full moon always shows you exactly what you need to see. Trust in its process, because the magic of this lunation will wash over you either way.

The Full Moon In Scorpio Takes Place On May 7 At 6:45 a.m. ET


I won't sugarcoat it: This upcoming full moon is going to be intense. Taking place in passionate, spiritual, and transformative Scorpio, this full moon is a soul-stirring moment that encourages you to embrace your shadow self. You might feel aware of your darker impulses and your deepest desires. While this can give you a push to go after everything you want, it can certainly bring the drama if what you really want goes against everything you think you want.

Regardless, with Venus – planet of love and friendship — squaring off with sensitive and irrational Neptune, you might feel vulnerable to your insecurities and unable to see your situation clearly. Focus on the facts and make sure you save judgment calls until later, because Neptune has the tendency to skew the truth. However, as the full moon forms a positive trine with Neptune, your imagination will want to run wild and your compassionate nature will help you empathize with others.

However, this full moon will ultimately push you toward becoming your highest self. Let go of what no longer serves you and take a step in the right direction, because Mars — planet of drive and ambition — will form a trine with the North Node, and in astrology, the North Node represents your ultimate destiny. While moving toward the North Node will always feel like stepping out of your comfort zone, it will never leave you filled with regret. It symbolizes you doing the best thing for yourself and for your future. This full moon will likely leave you with the impulse to make a dramatic change in your life. And with Mercury — planet of logic and communication — forming a trine with transformative Pluto, you'll be encouraged to resurrect conversations, projects, and dreams you've given up on.

If the thought of a full moon in Scorpio is shaking you to your core, that's a good thing. It means the full moon is bringing you back to life, which is exactly what it's supposed to do.

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