Here Are All The Lyrics About Joe Alwyn On Taylor's New Album (& There Are A Lot)

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Swifties received the ultimate surprise when she announced the July 24 release of Folklore, her eighth studio album. Swifties had just one day to mentally prepare for the new record, and, per usual, Tay didn't disappoint. Not only is Folklore one of her most personal albums, it's one of her most romantic, too. There are so many lyrics about Joe Alwyn on Taylor Swift's Folklore, and they have fans in their feels.

Swift and Alwyn have been dating since early 2017, so this isn't her first rodeo penning songs about her beau. When she released Lover in Aug. 2019, there were a bunch of romantic bops packed into the record. Songs like "Lover," "Paper Rings," and "Cornelia Street" were all believed to be about Alwyn, and he even spoke out on how he felt about them.

In a Dec. 2019 interview with The Sunday Times, he promised he doesn't mind the personal nature of the songs. “No, not at all. No. It’s flattering,” he said, before adding that' he's come to terms with the public nature of their relationship, saying, he doesn't "pay attention to what I don’t want to pay attention to."

With Folklore, Swift continued to reveal sweet details of her relationship with Alwyn, and these are the lyrics that will instantly capture fans' hearts.

"Invisible String"

One song that caught fan's attention was "Invisible String," which seemingly tells Swift and Alwyn's love story. The song hints that Alwyn was always the one for Swift, but that she had to go through heartbreak before ending up with him.

Cold was the steel of my axe to grind / For the boys who broke my heart / Now I send their babies presents / Gold was the color of the leaves / When I showed you around Centennial Park / Hell was the journey but it brought me heaven.


On "Cardigan," Swift sings about a romance that feels like home. It seems like the lyrics are aimed at her more than 3-year relationship with Alwyn and how they've built a life together while remaining private.

And when I felt like I was an old cardigan / Under someone's bed / You put me on and said I was your favorite


Swift's "Peace" lyrics hint at how she'd do anything for Alwyn — including the possibility of having children together someday.

And you know that I'd swing with you for the fences / Sit with you in the trenches / Give you my wild, give you a child / Give you the silence that only comes when two people understand each other

"This Is Me Trying"

While "This Is Me Trying" could have many meanings, the second verse could be interpreted to be about how the public put so much attention on Swift's past relationships.

They told me all of my cages were mental / So I got wasted like all my potential / And my words shoot to kill when I'm mad / I have a lot of regrets about that / I was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere / Fell behind all my classmates and I ended up here / Pouring out my heart to a stranger / But I didn't pour the whiskey

On the chorus Swift sings about doing her best to make her relationship with Alwyn last forever.

I just wanted you to know that this is me trying / I just wanted you to know that this is me trying


Swift sings about the color blue, seemingly describing Alwyn's eyes.

Stood on the cliffside screaming, 'Give me a reason' / Your faithless love's the only hoax I believe in / Don't want no other shade of blue but you / No other sadness in the world would do