The Love Resolution To Make This Fall Semester, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You've registered for classes, picked out your dorm décor, and set ground rules with your roommate about how often you'll clean the common space. Maybe you've even picked out which outfit you'll wear on your first day back to school or stocked up on colorful notecards and highlighters. There's something soothing about going back to school; it's an opportunity to reinvent every area of your life to maximize your success. And that includes making a love resolution this fall semester — because, let's be real, it's hard not to wonder what that part of your life will look like.

Maybe this is the semester you finally wind up putting a sock on your doorknob. Or maybe this is the semester you fall in love (maybe even with the cute person you always bump into in the dining hall? Who knows).

Astrologer Linda Furiate made predictions for what the stars have in store for each sign's love life this semester. Based on her insights, I created resolutions custom-tailored to each sign. Whether or not you take astrology seriously, it doesn't hurt to check in with yourself at the start of the semester to set a goal. Even if that goal is nothing more than making out with the cutie from the dining hall. You got this, girl.

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When you're sprinting from Econ 101 to your work-study job, it can be tricky enough to find 15 minutes to swing by the dining hall to refuel — forget about carving out time for your love life. But regardless of whether you're in a serious relationship or just dating casually, challenge yourself this semester to do one extra-nice deed a month for the person you're with.

"Put their needs before yours," Furiate says. That can be as simple as offering up an extra meal swipe when they're running low or as extravagant as throwing a surprise birthday party with all their friends. The sweet act will give you even more energy to power through the rest of your to-do list.

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You've always been deeply in touch with yourself — you know who you are. Once your routines are established, you rarely stray from them — that's why you always take the same route to class and have been washing your hair with the same Herbal Essences shampoo since you were 9. But college is a time for exploration and experimentation; it's time to shake things up.

"To boost your love life, be willing to take a risk," Furiate advises. "Seek out a partner who may appear different than you." If you always fall for jocks or artistic types, it's time to step outside your beloved comfort zone. Challenge yourself to go out with at least one person who isn't your usual "type."

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You're never at a loss for words. Furiate calls you "the clever, communicative one." When it comes to speaking your mind, you never have any problem. But can you express yourself in other ways?

Before you balk, sign yourself up for a partnered dance class — think salsa, swing, or ballroom. It's the sexiest place for you to meet someone this semester. "This fall may be a time to speak from the heart through your feelings rather than words," Furiate says. "You may be surprised how much can be said through the touch of a hand." So, wipe off those sweaty palms and get to dancing.

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You feel all the feelings, all the time. You can't help it — it's a beautiful part of who you are and something to celebrate. This semester, it's time to bring an element of intention to your emotions.

Keep a diary tracking your love life this semester: who you crush on, who you hook up with, how your sexuality might be evolving, and the rush of adrenaline you get from a perfect good-night kiss. It's tempting to dwell on heartbreak and tension, but do your best to celebrate the highs. "Allow yourself to get lost in your happy thoughts," Furiate says. "This may get you out of your shell and offer you joy."

LEO (JUNE 21 – JULY 22)
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College is basically like Leo season year-round: it's an opportunity to explore who you are, celebrate becoming the person you're meant to be, and put yourself front and center. But you'd be missing out if you didn't take a step back to consider those around you, too.

"This may be a time for Leo to cast the light on another rather than to seek the limelight for themselves," Furiate says. "Demanding too much attention may lead to arguments and frustration. This may be an excellent time to design a crafty item that shows another how much you care." Whether you're hooking up with your study buddy from World Lit or seriously in love with your long-term boo, pour your effort into creating a thoughtful gift. It feels good to give.

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You feel your best when everything is tightly under control... which means that the uncertainty that comes along with dating feels either exhilarating or terrifying, depending on the day. You're not alone in feeling a little overwhelmed.

The solution: "Bring a friend along as you mingle with others," Furiate suggests. Ask your roommate to serve as your wingwoman, or bring your ride-or-die along on date night for a double date. "Your best friend may help provide the confidence you desire to be yourself," she adds. And besides, everything is better when you do it with your favorite person in the world by your side.

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You're a naturally gifted conversationalist — people can't help but open to you. You're sweet, social, and always down for some flirty banter.

This fall, challenge yourself to take your gift of gab one step further. Give a genuine compliment to every person you're attracted to. "Dress for success, put your best face forward, and own your confidence to give yourself the best chance to attract a lifelong partner this fall," Furiate says. Dating is purely a numbers game: the more people you chat up, the more likely you are to hit it off with at least one of them.


You might have experienced heartbreak in the past, but Furiate says you'll feel like a "love magnet" this fall. But be careful, Scorpio — you want to channel that romantic energy into exactly the right places.

This semester, resolve to date yourself. Maybe that means splurging on a silky Victoria's Secret robe just because it makes you feel sexy, or maybe that involves giving yourself permission to cancel on a date you're not really feeling in order to spend Friday night recharging on your own. "Self-love and care may provide you with the right attitude to attract the love of your life," Furiate says.

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Your adventurous spirit means you're always seeking the next new thing. But this fall, you might find comfort and excitement in rediscovering something old.

Text your childhood crush to admit that once upon a time in sixth grade, you doodled their name in your notebook... and that you kinda still having those feelings. "This is a time to slow down and to potentially see what is right in front of you," Furiate says. "You may be surprised by a childhood sweetheart."

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You harbor secret crushes harder than anyone around, but the truth is that you rarely want to date anyone seriously unless you know them well. You believe the best relationships come with time.

This fall, dare yourself to strike up a conversation with your regular study buddy from class. "A Capricorn would prefer to take any relationship slowly," Furiate observes. "Over time, this good friend may become the love of your life."

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You've been overflowing with passion and big ideas basically since you could walk and talk. And this fall is no exception; this is the moment for you to go full steam ahead with a major project, like running for student body president or joining the campus newspaper.

So for the time being, embark a dating detox. We're all complex beings who can balance important goals with sex, dating, and love — that's not the issue here. But the stars won't be on your side this semester. "It may be best to tread lightly in your love life until later in the school year," Furiate warns. Promise to take a step back from dating this semester. Once spring rolls around, you'll be ready to dive back into the dating pool.

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As a little kid, you orchestrated weddings between your teddy bears. You've been a diehard romantic ever since kissing stopped grossing you out. Which creates a minor problem: Unless a situation blares Disney-levels of romance, you're not into it.

This semester, resolve to say yes to every person who asks you out. "Allow yourself to let go and trust that the universe has your back," Furiate says. "This may be an enchanting time when all things 'love' fall into place." But it'll only happen if you embrace all possibilities with open arms and an open heart.

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