'Love Is Blind' cast's Instagrams will help you get to know them better

Help, I Can't Stop Stalking The 'Love Is Blind' Cast On Instagram


Though the majority of the population likes to browse the social profiles of someone they're about to go on a date with, that's just not an option for the singles on Netflix's Love Is Blind. In fact, they can't even see what their potential love match looks like until after they're engaged, meaning the only way to get to know each other is by talking through an opaque window in an isolated "pod." But luckily, audiences don't have to wait for a proposal to get to know all the contestants; the Love Is Blind cast's Instagrams help show just who they are when they're not on camera.

The Love is Blind contestants represent a diversity of ages, personalities, and professional backgrounds — although they're all objectively attractive, so I'm not sure the show really puts the whole "Is love really blind?" concept to the test. But hey, you can decide that for yourself.

While 20 singles entered the Atlanta love pod facility, how successful they are in finding love through a wall determines how important they'll be in later episodes. Not everyone becomes a key cast member of the show, so here are the Instagram handles of the people who are the ones to watch on Love Is Blind.


If there's one word to describe Amber Pike, it's confident. Her profile features fun selfies, photos in swimwear, and a bio that reads: "It’s my life, I’d like to welcome y’all to The Amber Lynne Show." Is it too late to tell her the show is actually called Love Is Blind?


Barnett's profile is fun, and he's clearly a jokester at heart (see his kooky Rick and Morty reference). In addition to recreating memes like Salt Bae, Barnett shares photos of his travels and his pup, Koda.


Although he's not a fitness instructor like his fellow cast member Mark, Cameron's profile features tons of photos of his workouts. By the looks of the giant weights in his hands, he's definitely put some time and effort into building those muscles.


Although Carlton works in "social media marketing" according to Love Is Blind, his personal Instagram only features 11 posts. (Although, he does have 23.6 followers, so he could have just deleted some of his older stuff.) His account features lots of inspirational quotes and pics with some famous friends.


If there's a father of dad jokes, Damian would be it. Every single post has an on-point pun that's might elicit a giggle or two.


According to her Instagram bio, Diamond made a career shift after Love Is Blind. She is now a retired professional basketball dancer for the Atlanta Hawks and is now the chairwoman of Charge Up Campaign, which supports cancer survivors and caregivers who experience health, social, or economic difficulties.


One of Giannina's fellow contestants said she could be a model, and by the looks of her profile, she's tried her hand at it a time or two. Her trendy style and upbeat personality come through in her pics and captions.


Jessica is a sports lover, and her profile proves it. Her passion for the Chicago Cubs might even play a part in her finding a partner this season...


Kelly's profile is super uplifting and also informational, as she's documented her fitness journey on the platform for some time.


Kenny's bio says he's a "dad joke mixologist," (he might have to talk to Damian about that title) and also features a link to his Brawl for a Cause Challenge. The organization's site mentions Kenny recently relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Atlanta, Georgia. Could it have something to do with finding love on the show? Only time will tell.


When Lauren isn't in front of the camera, she's likely behind it. Her bio mentions she's a producer, director, model, and creative, as well as the founder of the multi-media and entertainment company The Speed Brand.


Mark, 24, is the youngest of the group, but he definitely has a lot of ambition. His profile shows he's been a fitness instructor at a few studios and even features some at home workouts you can copy yourself.

Netflix released Episodes 1-5 of Love is Blind on Feb. 13. It will release episodes 6-9 on Feb. 20, and there will be a two-hour finale on Feb. 27.