The Reviews Of Kylie Cosmetics' Halloween Collection Are In & They'll Tell You All You Need To Know

by Kelsi Zimmerman

With Halloween being next week, Kylie Cosmetics lovers moved fast to snatch up the youngest Jenner sister's latest launch, which became available on Friday, Oct. 12, 2018. And now that customers, vloggers, and influencers alike have started to receive their new, ghoulish makeup packages, the Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Collection reviews have started to roll in. So what are people saying about the spooky-themed collection? When scrolling through the reviews section of the Halloween Collection Bundle on the brand's site, the general consensus is that customers love the new products, specifically the killer shades and strong color payoff.

"So beautiful! Pigments and shades galore! I’ve missed out on so many full collections that I had to splurge and go for this one! How could I not?" wrote one reviewer named Emmy. "The passion is so present in Kylie’s products... I have gotten so much use out of everything I’ve ever bought from here..."

Another reviewer named Dimitra left a glowing review of the eyeshadow palette's colors, saying they're "so cool and perfect for Halloween 🎃" "The highlighter is amazing and the lipstick [is] so good!" the reviewer continued. "The formula is great."

Of the 16 customers that left reviews on the new Halloween Collection, 15 of them gave the products all five stars. And while I'm not very good at math, that kind of ratio leads me to believe that the collection really is pretty damn good.

When it comes to the reviews of the individual products, the feedback is obviously a bit more detailed than what was said about the collection as a whole. But nonetheless, the majority of the reviews are very positive. When it came to the Halloween Eyeshadow Palette, six of the eight reviewers gave the palette a full five stars. A customed named Maria shared, "This palette is so gorgeous! I got it in the mail and when I saw it in front of my eyes, it was absolutely gorgeous. Kylie, you did that! This palette is unique, and I absolutely love love love the grayer shade in this palette. You can create a darker yet natural smokey eye..."

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

When scouring through the reviews for the other star of the collection — the Go Ghost Highlighter — every review raved about the product, its packaging, and pigmentation. "I just got this in the mail today. I’ve got to say, for one, the packaging is gorgeous. It’s so sleek and small so it’s wonderful to take with you," described one reviewer. "As far as the actual product, it’s a bit sheer but a beautiful color. It works out because you can build the color with turns out more beautiful and natural rather than a heavy intense look which is what I don’t go for. Daily highlighter for me!"

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

While users on the brand's website had a lot of love for the products, what did the vloggers of the YouTube world have to say about the Kylie Cosmetics Halloween Collection?

YouTuber Shaaanxo posted a video reviewing each product that comes in the Halloween Collection with the overall sentiment that each product has great color payoff and a versatile range of hues. However, the vlogger began her review by saying what a lot of people were probably thinking when they heard about the new launch: Essentially, she was a little bit confused by the idea of the collection. "How does one get away with making a Halloween makeup collection, especially at Kylie's price point? Is this what the average consumer wants in their life? I would never look at Halloween makeup and think 'Oh yeah, I need to pay a lot of money for that.'" TBH, I felt the same way.

Still, after testing out all 10 products in the collection, it seems that, thanks to the quality and range of products, the collection ended up surprising Shaaanxo. "Overall I think I'm pleasantly surprised. I thought a lot of the stuff would be a lot more crazy than it was," she capped off the video saying. "I think they did it smart. It's a Halloween-themed collection, but it's definitely some stuff that you can wear year 'round with the exception of some of the lip colors."

So there you have it, friends. The internet has spoken, and once again, Kylie Jenner has dropped a collection that has makeup-lovers obsessing and raving over it. No wonder the beauty mogul is on her way to billionaire status.