This Story About The Jamaican Bobsled Team’s Rescued Sled Is Like An IRL Movie

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Help truly does come from the most unlikely of places, and this story proves it. The Jamaican Olympic Bobsled team is arguably one of the most obsessed over topics in the 2018 Winter Olympics, so everyone was in a panic when their coach suddenly left the team. However, the Jamaican bobsled team's sled was saved by Red Stripe beer — the most unexpected of guardian angels.

It took everyone by surprise when Sandra Kiriasis, the coach for the Jamaican women's bobsled team, suddenly quit during the Winter Olympics. While it was rumored Kiraisis had been reassigned from coach to track performance analyst, the Jamaican Bobsled and Skeleton Federation told Reuters that Kiraisis had made the decision to leave the team. The team's sled was leased under Kirasis' name, so upon leaving this meant that she was responsible, legally and financially, for the sled, which Kirasis claimed she wouldn't return unless it was paid for by the team.

So, not only was the Olympic team without a coach, but they were also without a team sled. Talk about the ultimate underdogs.

Enter Red Stripe: the most popular beer company in Jamaica and this tale's superheroes. On Feb. 15, Red Stripe tweeted to the Jamaican bobseld team telling them they could put the sled on Red Stripe's "tab."

Check out this Twitter interaction below, you have to see it to believe it.

We've heard it before, but this proves it: not all heroes wear capes.

Let's be clear — sleds aren't a cheap trinket. While an average sled costs thousands of dollars, this particular one cost a whopping $50,000, according to The Washington Post. Regardless of the pretty penny, Red Stripe wired the Jamaican bobsled team the money.

Red Stripe's general manager spoke to NBC Olympics about the generous donation, and what an honor it is to assist the Olympic team achieve their goal.

The general manager said,

This is not a joke. The games are an honor to compete in, and as the No. 1 beer in Jamaica, we want to help those athletes realize their dreams. The athletes clearly have no quit, so we would love to do our part and put the cost of a new bobsled on our ‘bar tab.'

Chris Stokes, president of the Jamaican Bobsled and Skeleton Federation, also confirmed Red Stripes' donation to NBC Olympics.

He said,

We have been gifted a bobsled from Red Stripe. We have accepted their generosity and we are currently preparing the sled. The team is in competition mode and we are focused on one goal — coming to the start line prepared mentally and physically.

As if this wasn't serving you Disney movie level realness already, the story behind the Jamaican women's bobsled team seals the deal.

The Jamaican women's bobsled team made their Olympic debut at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games, 30 years after the men's team made their first appearance in 1988. This represents the first ever female bobsled team to represent Jamaica in the highly competitive sports event.

But wait there's more! This isn't the only bobsled team to be making Olympic history this year. The Nigerian bobsled team will be the first Nigerians to compete in the Winter Olympics.

Seun Adigun, who not only serves as driver but also was the one behind the idea to create the Nigerian bobsled team, spoke to BuzzFeed News about this pivotal moment competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

She said,

Making it to the Olympic Games will be a very pivotal moment in not only the history of Nigeria and African, but also in the sport of bobsled. Everyone is aware of how special this situation is, and we are all in agreement that the foundations of this team need to be solid.

This may be a dumpster fire of a year politically, but in terms of the Olympics, it's golden.

So now that the Jamaican bobsled team has got the sled and the girl power to get them ready to totally crush this year's Olympic games, you know what time it is.

~Insert every single Cool Runnings reference here~ Catch this amazing power team compete on Feb. 20 at 6:50 p.m ET for their first heat. Good luck y'all!