8 Hiking Boots For Spring To Buy If You Love The Look But Hate The Hike

by Stephanie Montes
Nike, Missguided, Urban Outfitters

Let's just get one thing out there: I'm not much of a hiker. Seeing as that I consider a particular Hollywood hotspot — which is a paved road set at an incline — a strenuous "hike," this is not a story about actual utilitarian hiking boots. (I'm sorry if that's what you were looking for.) Instead, it seems the fashionable hiking boots trend that's taking over Instagram and trickling through every cool-girl retailer right now is less about utility and more about style. Think: Chunky soles, sporty laces, durable fabrics, and eyelet fastenings that are comfortable to wear and technically built to withstand the elements, but above all else, look super cute.

Hiking enthusiast or not, the hiking boot trend is the perfect blend of those heeled booties we all know and love (but much comfier) and chunky dad sneakers (but much more wearable). Even better, faux hiking boots pair perfectly with jeans or thick tights when functionality takes precedence: in the dead of winter. But when the temperature warms up this spring, they still wear well with mini skirts, flowy dresses, and chunky socks. Here are eight boots technically suited for long walks on rocky trails, but thankfully, look just as cute with the more stylish outfits in your closet, no matter what terrain you find yourself facing (or, you know, actively not facing).

Haute Hiking

With pops of bright blue and laces in yellow and black stripes, these high-top sneakers feel much cooler than your average hiking boots. Plus, they don't come with the pressure to actually go hiking.

If you love the faux hiking boot trend but you just can't sacrifice your beloved Nike swoosh, fear not. These high-top suede sneakers — utility laces and all — have got you covered. They're durable, yes, but pair 'em with cute socks and your favorite cut-offs, and you've got yourself a ~lewk~.

The patchwork of multiple colors on these boots feels playful and fashionable in a way that most heavy-duty hiking boots don't.

The shearling inside of these boots looks cute on the 'Gram, but they also keep your tootsies toasty when it's still super cold out, meaning these are perfect for that annoying in-between weather of winter and spring.

The tan suede and red laces on these boots makes me feel like I belong on the side of a mountain right now. At the same time, this combo would look darling with a floral dress and scrunchie socks. The best of both worlds.

This black and white colorway is proof that the sport-inspired trend can also be super sophisticated, not to mention affordable.

Just when you thought the hiker boot trend couldn't be any more on trend, Jeffrey Campbell comes out with a black snakeskin print version, i.e. one of spring and summer's most lust-worthy prints. Praise!

The soft color palette of these easy-going boots goes with just about everything, meaning you've found your new go-to shoe.

Think of this new trend this way: hiking, but make it fashion.