This New Social Media Platform Is Made For Travelers Who Want To Plan Trips Of A Lifetime

About a week or so ago, I wrote down some resolutions for the new year. I told myself that I want to get outside more often, and be unapologetic with my thoughts and opinions. I also told myself that I want to read five books by the time the ball drops again. (We'll see about that one.) But, before I jotted down those resolutions, I wrote this: "Book and go on an international trip." Truth is, more than anything, in the next year I want to catch flights, explore new places, and make unforgettable memories there. Thanks to the Hero Traveler app, planning those tried and true getaways is totally possible. See you somewhere around the world, OK?

First things first: There are so many travel apps you should download onto your phone. Some are great for exploring new cities, while others help you find flights at a cheap price. They all have different features and elements that make them worth having. So far, though, I haven't seen anything like this.

You see, travel has become such a huge, life-altering part of my world — and maybe yours, too. It's taught me about people, our planet, and personal passions and ambitions that I never knew I had. Throughout all of my experiences, I've learned so much about navigating airports, grabbing trains in the middle of Europe, and finding ways to live like the locals no matter where I go. But, I could still use a little extra help from my friends, fellow travelers, and influencers who have been there and done that.

Enter Hero Traveler. This new social media platform and app is all about connecting you to the stories and experiences that you want to have — including trips to Greece and Paris, where you can eat at the same spots as your favorite influencer. It's curated so that you can grab your girls for a getaway that's tried and true — or send some advice to the next traveler who's looking to do the same.

What is the Hero Traveler app?

Hero Traveler

Think about your latest trip: In retrospect, if you could change anything, what would it be? Maybe you didn't love the restaurants that you ate at, or would choose an entirely different location to see and explore. At the time, you had no way of knowing that you'd be traveling to Bali in the middle of the rainy season, or should avoid the central parts of Paris where the packs of tourists go. You didn't have that insider scoop.

But, that's all about to change the next time around. Hero Traveler is designed to give you all the information you need about destinations around the world, from travel experts you trust and choose to follow. It's everything you've learned to love about social media, combined with your passion for traveling and having a real experience — not just one that came straight out of a guidebook. What more could you ask for?

You can experience the app in two different ways: As a traveler who's looking to plan a getaway or gain some knowledge on the world; or as a contributor who posts stories and guides from your own trips around Italy or elsewhere. Either way, you're bound to fall in love with travel a little bit more, from the second you download this app onto your phone.

So, go ahead and download this app from the App Store. Create an account, choose some topics that you want to follow, such as "Jetsetter" or "Caribbean," and then let's break down everything you can do — including planning that getaway with your girls.

What can you do with the Hero Traveler app?

Hero Traveler

As someone who's looking to travel, the best part of Hero Traveler is being able to read stories from influencers, other users, or local insiders about their experiences. This content comes in the form of written posts that can be accompanied by original pictures, or guides that detail everything to eat, see, do, or where to stay.

All of these stories and guides can be bookmarked within the app, and saved for later. So, if you're not planning a trip right this second, you can go back and look at them at a later date. Aside from all the content that you choose to follow, you can explore categories to see what else it out there — very similar to your other social media apps. Starting to get a good idea of this side of the app? Sweet! Let's move on.

In addition, you can be a contributor and post your own stories and guides for other travelers. Just like your favorite influencers, you can write about being in Europe for the first time and what you think are "must-sees" opposed to "could-do-withouts." You can add your own pictures, and collect a following. So, forget packing a journal on the next trip. Put all of your notes right into Hero Traveler!

How can you plan your next getaway with your girls using the Hero Traveler app?

Ivan Gener/Stocksy

So, how can you plan your next getaway with your girls using Hero Traveler? Well, first, pick a type of experience that you want to have or place that you want to go. Maybe you're all longing to see Paris for a day or stay in a cute millennial pink Airbnb in the middle of Barcelona. (This one has a rooftop pool? OK, we're going.) Then, use either the explore page or the content from your followers on the app to get some travel inspo.

See where other people have stayed and get their recommendations for accommodations. You may choose to book the exact same hotel, or at least try and find a place in the same area. After all, that will guarantee that you have that tried and true experience.

Take the time to read their stories about excursions they took, too. Just like that, you're participating in and creating a community of people who love to travel. Resolution? Check. Bags? Already checked. Let's go.