Sensual woman under the autumnal tree on sunset

The Harvest Moon Is About Letting Go & Opening Your Heart To Love


You're on the precipice of something coming to an end. The summer is fading into the past, the weather is beginning to chill, and the color of the leaves are turning to red, brown, and yellow. I bet you sense the shift encompassing you, both in your spirit and in the world that surrounds you. It's no secret autumn reminds you of the bittersweet passing of time, and the Harvest Moon 2019 is a cosmic marker of the seasonal transition.

This is the full moon that always coincides with the autumn equinox, acting as a moment of emotional culmination. Like all full moons, it's a time of high sensitivity, uncertainty, and difficult truths. However, it can also be a time of reward, as though all the things you've been working so hard for are finally coming to fruition. This sentiment runs strong on the Harvest Moon, which is all about reaping what you sow. You've put your energy and efforts into various things throughout the course of the year. Now, it's time to take stock of the results.

However, the Harvest Moon's meaning runs far deeper than that. This year's Harvest Moon takes place in psychic, spiritual, imaginative, and empathetic Pisces. When the full moon is in this mutable water sign, emotions are stronger than ever. Your guard is lowered, your ability to receive vibrations is heightened, and there's a dreamy feeling coursing throughout the universe. To say this full moon will bring you closer to your heart is an understatement. Not only will it reveal what matters most to you, it will show you how to be a more caring and compassionate human being. Pisces is also an incredibly creative and artistically inclined zodiac sign, so use this energy to make some magic in your life.

The Harvest Moon Takes Place At 12:32 a.m. ET on Sept. 14


Despite how gorgeous the Harvest Moon sounds, there's certainly some topsy-turvy energy surrounding it. But aren't all full moons kind of like that? Every full moon forms an opposition with the sun. It's why it tends to reveal a reality that's far different from what you expected. The sun shines a light on everything you can see, while the moon comes out at night, when it's dark. However, this full moon forms an opposition with Mercury, Venus, and Mars. This can make it feel as though you're battling for power. This battle? It is your logical mind versus your heart. It's your willingness to give to others versus your desire to protect yourself. It's your ambitions versus your emotional needs. Instead of fighting for power, observe this battle and listen to both sides.

There's also a hazy and idealistic sheen surrounding this full moon in the form of a conjunction with Neptune, planet of fantasy and dreams. This sends so much kindness throughout the cosmos, which is much appreciated. It will help you help others and it will open your heart to love. However, don't get lost in the sauce either. Neptune has the tendency to make things seem far better (or far worse) than they really are. Remember to stick to the facts instead of whatever's going on in your imagination.

No matter what, this full moon will help you heal and transform. It connects with Pluto — planet of death and rebirth — through a sextile, and though this will definitely increase the emotional tension, it's a beautiful aspect for deepening your relationships and forging a deeper commitment to yourself. Being vulnerable and taking risks is the key here, even though all you may feel like doing is preserving your power. But remember: The most beautiful things happen when you put yourself out there.