'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16, episode 12 promo

Be Prepared To Cringe Your Way Through This 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode 12 Promo


While most of the action in Grey's Anatomy happens in the hospital — they are doctors, after all — sometimes the medical setting for all the excitement makes it easy to forget these people have lives outside of treating patients. The Feb. 6 episode of Grey's will serve as a reminder of this fact, as it looks like it'll mostly focus on characters' relationship issues. But while a change of pace can be excited for fans, as the Grey's Anatomy Season 16, episode 12 promo shows, the lack of hospital drama makes room for tons of cringeworthy moments that fans might have to cover their eyes to get through.

Warning: Spoilers from Season 16, Episode 11 of Grey's Anatomy follow. Fans of Grey's know the situation between Catherine and Richard have been rocky for some time. After Richard supported Meredith through the whole insurance fraud debacle and subsequently got fired, his transfer to Pacific North West Hospital left a bad taste in Catherine's mouth. This was only made worse when he resumed contact with Gemma who couldn't seem to stop flirting with him.

In the new episode, Richard and Catherine invite their respective children to a home-cooked meal. Adding to their issues, Maggie (Richard's daughter) and Jackson (Catherine's son) used to date, and the extra guests who tag along make the whole thing pretty rough. Jackson brings along his new love interest Vic, who apparently entices her firefighting co-worker Dean to join in on the dinner, which makes sense because he seemed totally interested in Maggie in previous episodes.

Oh, and it seems like the dinner attendees don't know what's actually going on, as the official synopsis says: "Jackson creates an uncomfortable situation when he invites new girlfriend, Vic, to what he thinks is Richard and Catherine’s anniversary celebration, only to discover the dinner was called for different reasons." Yikes.

So, what are those other reasons? Maybe Richard is going to have an intervention with Maggie for quitting Grey Sloan after she had a hand in his niece's death, or perhaps Richard and Catherine are gathering their children to inform them of their looming separation. Or, maybe everyone will be bonded by the awkward moments and Dean's comic relief, and the group will mend all of their relational wounds. Wishful thinking.

Grey's Anatomy continues at 9 p.m. ET on Thursday, Feb. 6, on ABC.