Glossier Dropped Limited-Edition Dog Toys & OMG, They're Too Cute

Courtesy of Glossier

Hi, today in Ridiculously Cute Collaborations, I present to you the Glossier x BARK dog toys I didn't know my dog needed, but can confirm she absolutely does. Obviously, my dog doesn't wear makeup, but if she did, she'd be a total ~Glossier Girl~ because her glam routine would be low-key, even though she's super high-maintenance in virtually every other way. ILY, Poppy! Anyway, I digress: Glossier is teaming up with BARK, the makers of BarkBox, to drop a couple of adorable dog toys inspired by the brand's most popular makeup products, and holy moly, nothing before has ever been so cute. Like, you're going to want these even if you don't have a dog.

It's important for you to know, dear reader, that BarkBox is both a blessing and a curse in my life. It's a blessing because, for the year during which I've been paying for it, it has brought my dog, Poppy, immense joy, which is literally all I care about. It's a curse, though, because she now has dozens of toys placed throughout my home, and she pretty much knows down to the minute exactly when a new box will be delivered. Like, if I try to pretend it's just a normal package and leave it on the desk, she will growl and bark her head off until I open it and give her what's inside. And she's a picky queen, so if she approves, that means BarkBox is the real deal.

This is the face of a dog who's obsessed with BarkBox; can you blame her?

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

And while Poppy is obsessed with BarkBox, it just so happens that I, her owner, am a huge fan of Glossier — their Stretch Concealer ($18, and Cloud Paints ($18, are my faves, if you were wondering. So when I heard Glossier had teamed up with BARK to create some beauty-themed dog toys, I knew I'd be snagging them for Poppy the second they launched.

My personal fave of the two toys launching is the Balm Dogcom, inspired by the Glossier Balm Dotcom (

Courtesy of Glossier

This is, truly, the purest thing I've ever seen:

Courtesy of Glossier

The other toy is the Toy Brow, inspired by Glossier's Boy Brow ( This is all too cute, I'm seriously overwhelmed:

Courtesy of Glossier

I know my dog doesn't have eyebrows, but that doesn't mean she can't use a little Boy Brow (Or Toy Brow) in her life, y'all!

Courtesy of Glossier

How to buy these beyond-cute toys for your pup, you ask? Both the Toy Brow and the Balm Dogcom will be sold in Glossier's New York and Los Angeles stores while supplies last, as well as on, starting September 6. The Toy Brow will retail for $10, while the Balm Dogcom (My personal fave!) will be just $8. You know what that means, right? Poppy's getting both, because mama has enough room in the budget to spoil her. If your dog also deserves some beauty-inspired toys, be sure to snag them when they drop on September 6.