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These Are The 3 Friendliest Zodiac Signs & They Love Being Mentally Stimulated

by Valerie Mesa

Chummy. Amiable. Buddy-buddy. There are so many words that mean the same thing: Friendly. And I genuinely believe these are the zodiac signs that encompass the term the most: Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius. These three make up the friendliest zodiac signs because, as much as we all live in a vast universe with a colorful and eclectic array of human beings, these are often perceived to be friendlier than others. If you look at things from an astrological standpoint, and really take all of the zodiac archetypes into account, you'll see why.

This is not to say you're not an approachable person if your sun sign doesn't match up with any in the aforementioned group. What about your ascendant or moon signs? Perhaps one of them match up? This is precisely why I am constantly reminding you to check your birth chart, and consider your personal placements.

With that being said, here's why I believe Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius are the friendliest signs in the zodiac:

Gemini: They Indulge In All Types Of Convo

Despite their mysterious duality and changeable personality, Geminis are rarely ever considered anti-social. This mutable air sign is governed by curious Mercury, planet of communication and thought process, so they tend to be relentless thinkers. Although, what stands out to me the most about savvy Gemini and its clever planetary ruler, is their innate ability to relay messages. Mercury was the only deity able to travel in and out of the underworld; this goes to show how versatile Gemini can be. It's almost as if they can speak a number of different languages amidst obtaining all the information they need. Aside from their gift of gab, Geminis can also be quite playful and mischievous, so don't let their poker face fool you.


Leo: They Have So Much Love To Give

For those of you who haven't figured this out by now, Leos live life wearing their heart on their sleeve. These lion cubs are all love, all the time, because there's nothing this fixed fire sign desires more than to be adored and acknowledged. If it were up to them, they'd be surrounded by loved ones at all times. Leos are just as lovable as they are loyal; they love fiercely, and will stop at nothing to defend their loved ones. In fact, being "friendly" is almost an understatement for Leo. This fixed fire sign will be your ride-or-die whether you fail or fly.

Sagittarius: They Genuinely Enjoy Getting To Know You

Optimistic and enthusiastic, this mutable fire sign is one of the most intelligent in the zodiac. The best part about this is they genuinely want to share all they've learned and discovered along the way with the people who surround them. Sagittarius is an explorer, and if it were up to them, they would never settle for anything, unless it involves booking a long-distance journey overseas. A celestial Indiana Jones, Sagittarius has an eclectic groups of friends, some of whom live in different parts of the world. In their eyes, there's always something to learn and discover.