Baby Phat & Forever 21 Are About To Drop The '90s Collab Of Your Dreams

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hi hello, if you're not here to talk about the Forever 21 x Baby Phat collab, then guess what? I don't want to talk. There have been a lot of great collaborations in 2019 already, but above all, this one takes the cake. I haven't even seen the apparel yet, but I already feel comfortable promising the following: Forever 21 x Baby Phat will be everything I need and more. You can quote me on that! I swear it on Kimora Lee Simmons herself.

When I was but a child, you couldn't tell me anything was cooler than my Baby Phat velour sweatsuit (The ~edgy~ girl's Juicy Couture, as I used to call it.) and matching sneakers. I was a pastel, rhinestone-studded fantasy at age 13! Haters were hating! That said, I eventually grew out of the range and, over time, lost interest as my style changed. However, the news that the iconic '90s brand is making its comeback via a collaboration with Forever 21 has me so shook. It's the revival I didn't know I needed, and TBH, it's a big freaking deal.

Back in March, Simmons, the brand's founder, posted to her Instagram that Baby Phat would soon be making its grand return:

She didn't give much info, though, so when Forever 21 took to Twitter with this hint of all hints, I literally gasped:

"Two more days until the cat is back," The brand wrote in a tweet on June 11 that accompanied a video including the following: a pink Sidekick-esque phone, a text from a K.L.S. (Kimora Lee Simmons, natch.), cat pawprints, and lots of rhinestones.

Do I need to spell it out for you? Baby Phat is back, honey!

Real talk, this is Forever 21's best collaboration in a long time. Recent collections have featured the United States Postal Service, Speedo, and Cheetos, and although I found cute pieces in all three, none contained the sheer ~bangers~ I'm positive Forever 21 x Baby Phat will deliver.

Of course, Baby Phat fans on Twitter are thrilled:

The best part of this collab? When I was younger, Forever 21 was the store I went to for clothes that didn't break the bank, whereas Baby Phat was pricier, and more of a special-occasion priviledge to shop at. While I'm sure the prices will be a little higher than some of F21's best deals — We need that high-quality velour for the tracksuits, after all! — there's no doubt the pricepoint will be lower than old-school Baby Phat, so I'll be able to splurge to my heart's content. 13-year-old me is living.

Of course, many want to ensure their fave pieces will be included:

There's no real information confirmed just yet, but according to Forever 21's tweet, all will be revealed on June 13. Now, excuse me while I go call my mom and see if she can dig up my ~now-vintage~ Baby Phat pieces from the depths of my closet. Wish me luck.