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The First Photo Of Carrie Underwood After Her Accident Is Here & Fans Are So Happy


Carrie Underwood is OK, everyone! On New Year's Day, she announced in a letter to fans that she suffered a terrible fall outside of her home in November, which resulted in a broken wrist and up to 50 stitches in her face. She also told fans she may look different in photos due to the injuries, which caused great concern and speculation about the details. Now, the first photo of Carrie Underwood after her accident has surfaced, and she looks seriously amazing. Thank goodness!

Around the time of the fall, Underwood gave us an update on her wrist but left out the specifics surrounding her face. She posted a humorous and positive message on Twitter, saying,

Now, People has obtained the intimate letter Underwood penned to her fan club members and we're learning just how serious the fall really was.

Underwood wrote,

She continued,

She concluded with a hopeful message about the upcoming year:

Well, the first photo is here, and Carrie looks great!

Adrienne Gang from the reality TV series Below Deck apparently ran into Underwood at the gym. She shared a picture with the country star on Twitter with the caption, "Just worked out next to @carrieunderwood NBD... she is adorable and so gracious... LOVE HER!"

In the pic, Underwood looks gorgeous, healthy, and just like herself.

Gang also told Twitter users Underwood looked "amazing" and she had "no clue" she was hurt.

Prior to Gang's post, Underwood did share one selfie on Instagram but kept most of her face hidden.

With any luck, we can start to expect more gorgeous photos of our favorite country girl, but more importantly, more music! According to Underwood, she is preparing to hit the studio in the upcoming weeks. Her latest album, Storyteller, came out in 2015, and fans are hungry for more.

More than anything, we're just so happy to hear (and see!) that she is feeling better. We're sending positive and healing vibes your way, Carrie!

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