February 2021 Full Moon

The February 2021 Full Moon Is About Finding Balance Between Logic & Emotion

A full moon can be such a powerful experience that you can literally feel it creeping up on you several days before it actually takes place. It's as if the cosmos are building up to this powerful moment and you can feel its swell of energy like a wave that's preparing to crash. This crash has the power to leave a startling impact on you, encouraging you to evoke change or embrace the change that's inevitably headed your way. It can be just as crushing of an experience as it is a beautiful one, but no matter what happens, the February 2021 full moon has something important to teach you.

When the full moon takes place, it reflects a moment of culmination, completion, revelation, and reward. It acts as the spiritual climax of the 28-day lunar cycle that began on the new moon. To put things simply, it's as if a seed is planted when the new moon took place, and as the moon moves through the waxing phases, that plant takes root and continues to grow. When the full moon finally dawns, the lunar cycle reaches its zenith. This is when that plant blossoms and blooms, making itself ready for the harvest. As the moon journeys through the waning phases, it represents a process of release and renewal before the entire cycle begins once again.

That's why tuning your goal-setting to the lunar cycle can be so beneficial. If you make a point of laying down the groundwork for a new project on the new moon, a boost of magic will carry you to success. When you reap the rewards of that success on the night of the full moon, it will taste that much sweeter.

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The Full Moon In Virgo Takes Place On Feb. 27 At 3:17 a.m. ET

The upcoming full moon takes place in analytical, productive, and practical Virgo. When it rises in the night, it will shine a light on your self-care regimens, as well as the level of commitment you have toward your goals. However, there's an incredibly spiritual quality to Virgo's straightforward attitude toward hard work. In the tarot, Virgo is represented by "the Hermit," a card that pictures a wise old man carrying the torch of wisdom as he climbs a snowy hill. While Virgo represents grit and determination, it also endows you with deeper insight and enlightenment as you endure such trials.

On this full moon, one of these trials may be finding a middle ground between your emotions and your rational mind. Virgo is a zodiac sign that's concerned with intellect and logic. After all, Mercury — planet of communication — is Virgo's ruler. However, this full moon will oppose dreamy and disorienting Neptune. This will likely pull you away from that desire to look at things factually and literally, as Neptune has the tendency to overwhelm you with emotion and skew the truth with its hazy fog. Striking a balance between clarity and obscurity may prove a challenge on this full moon, so take care not to place too much trust in either one of them.

This full moon is also calling upon you to embrace your independence and your authenticity. As it forms a trine with innovative and liberating Uranus, this full moon is encouraging you to separate yourself from whatever has been constricting and repressing you. Whether you're being held back by external forces or your own mental patterns, this full moon is encouraging you to overcome whatever is inhibiting your own self-expression. Remove everything that's confusing you about who you truly are and work on simply being who you truly are.