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The February Supermoon Will Be Rewarding For These Zodiac Signs


There's nothing like looking up at the night sky and gazing upon the mysterious glow of a full moon. It feels like an old friend who has been visiting you all throughout your life, reminding you of all the beauty that will never cease to surround you. Even when everything goes wrong, you can always count on the magic of a full moon, especially when it's a supermoon. Although this lunation can be an incredibly emotional and maddening experience, it can also bring life-changing revelations, well-deserved rewards, and a sense of completion. And the rewards of the next lunation, the February 2020 supermoon, will be the best for these zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

This full moon has the power to be deeply inspirational and motivating for so many reasons. For one thing, it takes place in creative, romantic, and confident Leo, encouraging you to shine in all your glory. Don't you dare hold back or talk down to yourself during the full moon in Leo. To do so would go against everything Leo stands for.

This supermoon — which means it looks brighter and bigger than your average full moon — will form a trine to energized and driven Mars, bolstering you toward success. If you want something, go after it with everything you've got. Set aside your worries, your doubts, and your modesty, because this full moon in Leo wants you to flaunt what you've got. With Jupiter — planet of expansion, luck, and growth — forming a sextile with Neptune — planet of dreams, spirituality, and imagination — the cosmos are encouraging you to tap into your inner artist. Heal yourself through creation and you'll never look back.

Taking place on Feb. 9 at 2:33 a.m. ET, here's why fire signs will love this supermoon all the more:


Aries: You're Letting Loose And Learning How To Have Fun

The world is a playground and you are learning how to enjoy it, Aries. Do you let yourself run wild when the opportunity calls for it? Do you ever dance like no one else is watching? Do you practice creativity on a daily basis? This full moon is encouraging you to tap into your inner artist and fall in love with the world that surrounds you. Even though life can be stressful and demanding, the main reason you were brought into existence was so you could have a fantastic time. Have a little fun, Aries.

Leo: You're Revealing Deep And Powerful Layers Of Yourself

It's as if the curtain is being drawn and the spotlight is trained directly on you. Enjoy the attention, Leo. It's time to hone in on your famous confidence. You're coming to terms with every reason to feel lucky you were born as yourself. Do you ever make yourself small in order to fit in? Do you ever speak negatively to yourself? Do you prevent yourself from being yourself? Treat yourself like the star you are and have always been. Let everyone else doubt you. The last person who should be doubting you is you.

Sagittarius: You're Seeing The World In A Brand-New Light

So much of your experience of life depends on your perspective, Sagittarius. Even the most unappealing thing is beautiful when you look at it from a different light. Let your perspective expand without limit and consider the big picture. When you take a step back, your problems might not seem so major anymore. In fact, you may be overlooking so many opportunities as you concentrate on minuscule problems. Focus on what you have instead of what you don't and you'll never look back.