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This Month's Supermoon Is About Coming To Terms With What's Real & What's Not

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Despite what you may think, there are always secrets tucked underneath everything you thought you knew. Discovering these secrets can rattle you to the core, making sure nothing will ever quite be the same again. Sometimes, they're the missing pieces to a very frustrating puzzle, finally completing the picture. According to astrology, the truth often bears its soul on the night of the full moon, shining a light across every dark shadow and unveiling it all. What lurks in the dusty corners of your life? The February 2020 full supermoon — which is still a full moon, but it will appear bigger and brighter than usual — is about coming to terms with what's real and what's not. Revealing the deeper layers of your power, this full moon will bring inevitably you closer to your confidence.

You probably associate the full moon with howling wolves, dramatic disturbances, and an all-around unpredictable experience. Things have a tendency to fly off the rails when the moon is glowing in all its glory. With the sun forming an exact opposition to the moon — ruler of your subconscious and inner emotions — a full moon instigates a battle between a pretty facade and the ugly truth. While the sun deals with the self the whole world knows, the moon is tied to the self no one else sees. What happens when both planets are at odds? A struggle between the two, naturally. It's no wonder secrets tend to spill during the full moon.

Radiating its mystical and mysterious power in Leo, this full supermoon touches on your ability to love yourself. Leo is a bold and fiery presence; a zodiac sign that calls on you to express yourself shamelessly and without self-doubt. Inextricably tied to your inner child, this full moon in Leo will help you heal your creativity, playfulness, and joy, reminding you of who you really are underneath all that noise.

The Full Supermoon In Leo Takes Place On Feb. 9 At 2:33 a.m. ET


This supermoon has the potential to be an incredibly motivating experience, giving you a blast of energy you can mold to your desired shape. Forming a trine with passionate and driven Mars, this full moon is about tapping in to what matters to you most and then focusing your efforts on that aspect of life. With brainy and communicative Mercury harmonizing with the North Node — aka your ultimate destiny (no big deal or anything) — your thoughts will be geared toward becoming the person you're meant to become. Let yourself be pulled toward the future.

However, you may find that your relationships are at odds with the person you're becoming. With Venus — planet of love and friendship — squaring off with the North Node, you may find yourself being forced to choose between loving someone and loving yourself. If a loved one does not support you on your journey to growth and self-actualization, then this might not be a relationship that's meant to last if it cannot be improved.

With Saturn — planet of karma and limitations — continuing its heavy and intense conjunction with dark and transformative Pluto, this full supermoon may be accompanied by some mournful thoughts. When Saturn and Pluto meet, the nature of the world you live in gets rearranged, and pillars come crashing down while new things are built in their place. If certain changes throw you for a loop, know that there is still beauty surrounding you. With spiritual compassionate Neptune forming a sextile to expansive and positive Jupiter, giving you a glimpse of all the hope yet to come. Trust in the universe. There's always something beautiful awaiting you at the end of a journey.

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