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The Emotional Meaning of Virgo Season Might Surprise You

by Valerie Mesa
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All 12 astrological seasons have a unique vibration and celestial theme, but given Virgo's analytical nature and daily responsibilities, this earth sign is typically frowned upon for being too demanding. This, of course, only happens when you judge a book by its cover, because the emotional meaning of Virgo season goes way beyond the need to make things perfect. Although, has it ever occurred to you that perhaps there are people in this world who enjoy carefully curating their surroundings? Or the fact that there is beauty in the details? Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) have one thing in common: They need to see to believe.

Practical and passionate about polishing the finished product, a Virgo's job never really ends. This earth sign is highly similar to a Gemini — given their ruling planet, Mercury — with the exception that a Gemini prefers a variety of topics, while a Virgo enjoys fully dissecting one. Thanks to Mercury's brilliant duality, Gemini and Virgo are both mutable signs, but their mercurial influences are completely different. Just so you know, their astrological element has everything to do with this. The element air, which Gemini falls under, thrives on mentally stimulating exchanges and the element earth craves physical stability. This is also why Virgos are so hands-on and completely in touch with their physical body.

The Emotional Meaning Of Virgo Season


Recognizing the astrological meaning behind Virgo season is all you really need in order to tap into its energy. For instance, let's say you're behind on dishes and laundry, and your place looks like one big mess. As silly as this sounds, this is exactly where you can invoke the essence of Virgo. Something as simple as recognizing the effects of fully taking responsibility for yourself and your surroundings is enough to make a difference.

Whether you like staying organized, actually getting organized is a decision everyone has to make for themselves at some point. Virgo's duality serves as a reminder that the clutter within your physical surroundings — whether it be lack of cleanliness or irresponsible choices in general — will reflect your state of mind and ultimately your everyday life.

Virgo season isn't as challenging as it seems. On the contrary, this meticulous season is here to teach you the value of being mindful and practical with your daily duties. Things like checking up on your health, making sure you're eating enough greens, responding to your emails at work, and taking full responsibility for yourself is totally Virgoan.

Once you've fully mastered the art of mindfulness — which includes taking care of your mind and body, doing your due diligence responsibly, and holding yourself accountable for your actions — you can reflect on how you can make a difference in the world. How can you use your mind and resourcefulness to be service? Mercury rules the mind, but it also rules the hands, so how can you be more hands-on in your day-to-day routine? Remember, practice makes perfect — and perfect makes perfection.

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