The Emotional Meaning Of The Flower Moon Is About Victory & Empowerment

The Emotional Meaning Of The Flower Moon Is All About Inspiration & Empowerment

by Valerie Mesa
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On May 7, a highly transformative full moon will adorn the night sky in the penetrating sign of Scorpio. The moon evokes deep-seated emotions, as it's a representation of your inner world, and its ever-changing phases speak louder than words, even more so during a full moon. As the last full supermoon of 2020, the emotional meaning of the Super Flower Moon will bring forth an opportunity for you to feel empowered at a soul level.

When the moon reaches its peak fullness, our emotional bodies become supercharged with the moon's magical ebb and flow. Haven't you noticed how your emotions become much more naturally heightened during a full moon phase? According to, because the human body is about 80 percent water, the full moon's gravitational force disrupts the water molecules in the nervous system. This, of course, is where the urban legend and astronomical term "lunacy" was derived from. So if it's not Mercury retrograde affecting your life, then chances are, it's the moon.

While I'd normally suggest soaking in the moonlight and the full moon magic, I don't advise doing so during this particular lunation. This isn't going to be your ordinary full moon, as it will be in the smoldering sign of Scorpio, which can be emotionally cathartic and perhaps a bit overwhelming to some. So if you enjoy basking in the moon beams, try waiting for a more celebratory moon.

The Essence Of Pluto-Ruled Scorpio


Scorpio is a fixed water sign, which means its power stems from its ability to remain emotionally invested and intensely intimate in all situations. It's the scorpion emerging from the darkest corners of the psyche, revealing what's buried deep beneath the surface. Themes related to death, debt, sex, sorcery, transformation, and all things taboo belong to Scorpio. It's a symbol of power and transcendence, just like the phoenix rising from its own ashes.

It's normal to feel intimidated by Plutonian energy, but this is precisely where your power lies. Surrendering to the shadow of the unknown, despite how utterly penetrating and complex it may be, is the first step to confronting both your conscious and unconscious fears. And if there's no such thing as fear for you, remember there's nothing standing in the way of your personal power. Scorpio has the reputation of being oversexed when in reality, it's simply referring to the power that comes with merging with another mind, body, and soul. There's nothing to be afraid of when you're both the light and the dark.

The Emotional Meaning Of The Flower Moon

A full moon phase is a symbol of spiritual completion; it brings powerful culminations and drives truth into the conscious mind. In Pluto-ruled Scorpio, this culmination will more than likely revolve around themes of power and transformation. With Pluto retrograde conjunct Jupiter, however, it goes much deeper.

Pluto retrograde will challenge you to go inward in order to detoxify and cleanse what no longer serves your highest good while Jupiter magnifies and heals you from the inside out. This will be a particularly emotional revolution, so ask yourself: Are you ready to transform your life and take back your power?

During this lunation, the sun will be conjunct Mercury in Taurus, which will guide the collective into thinking practically and rationally amidst all of this spiritual metamorphosis. The sun and moon will also be in contact with dreamy Neptune, which inspires a sense of divinity and universal compassion.

The ethereal-like energy stemming from the sextile between the Sun and Neptune is highly creative and mystical, so don't be afraid to tap into the divine light within you. This Super Flower Moon is bringing forth an opportunity to tune into the universal realm for powerful insight. Take a deep breath and trust the process. Remember that you are ever-evolving.

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