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The Emotional Meaning Of May's New Moon Helps You Structure Your Goals & Ideas

by Valerie Mesa

These past few months have been difficult. But for many, the experience has been eye-opening in a multitude of ways. While some might read "eye opening" as something inherently negative, astrology urges you to remember the silver lining, which is the opportunity for renewal. Right on time for a well-deserved new beginning, the emotional meaning of the May 2020 new moon is about organizing your thoughts and making logical sense out of everything you haven't quite processed yet.

Bestowing you with a clean slate in the curious sign of Gemini, on May 22 at exactly 1:39 p.m. EST, this Mercury-ruled lunation will more than likely get the ball rolling, and in more ways than one. Savvy Mercury — the messenger God; the planet of communication, cognition, and general resourcefulness — moves swiftly in order to relay the message it's bringing forth, and this is especially true while it's traveling through its sign of rulership, Gemini. Despite the undeniable sense of anguish and insecurity in the air, the vibration stemming from this lunation can be just as grounding as it is challenging. The key is to maintain an open mind and not lose sight of the resources right in front of you.

Mercury-ruled Gemini is clever, meticulous, evidence-based, and resourceful; it's governed by the intellectually driven element air, which means its essence can be mentally stimulating and insightful. So what do you think happens when you integrate this celestial vibration with the effects of the new moon phase?

New Moon In Gemini 2020: Friday, May 22

Have you ever wondered why the new moon is invisible? Also known as the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle, a new moon takes place when the moon is sitting between the Earth and the sun. During this time, sunlight is reflected onto the dark side of the moon, which cannot be seen from Earth. Though the moon's lack of visibility might seem like a sign of weakness, it's the exact opposite. In addition to being a symbol of transformation and renewal, the monthly meeting of these two ever-glowing luminaries brings forth an opportunity to start over again.

There's nothing more powerful than the sun — a symbol of soul consciousness and the sacred masculine — and the moon — a symbol of your inner world and the divine feminine — meeting in the exact same degree of one zodiac sign, in this case Gemini. Together, both of these planets create a supercharged energy boost, capable of cleansing and clearing blocks from previous lunar cycles. The new moon phase is equivalent to a brand-new chapter and the zodiac sign it's transiting through determines the theme of your new beginning. The astrological aspects taking place during this lunation will also play a significant role in the lunar effects.

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The Emotional Meaning Of The New Moon

During the upcoming new moon on Friday, May 22, both the sun and the moon will meet at two degrees of Gemini, while its planetary ruler Mercury joins forces with Venus retrograde at 20 degrees in the same sign. This conjunction between Mercury and Venus retrograde in Gemini could bring forth a series of new possibilities. However, given that Gemini has everything to do with communication, the influence of Venus retrograde could either inspire new ideas for creative collaborations, or perhaps evoke an emotional reaction from one of your close partnerships.

The good news is structured Saturn will be in harmony with this lunation, providing the necessary discipline and stability you crave. The bad news is, Mercury and Venus will be challenged by elusive Neptune, which could create misunderstandings. Mars in Pisces will also challenge the new moon in Gemini, and this could also go positively or negatively. Aggressive and highly passionate, Mars wants to take action and fight for its desires, but the new moon in Gemini might have you second-guessing the entire process.

Try not to lose sight of the bigger picture during the new moon. Focus on your goals and on your priorities. If used wisely, this energy could bring you closer to your personal success.