Here's How The Emotional Meaning Of The Full Moon In Sagittarius Will Affect You

by Valerie Mesa
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Full moons are a time of spiritual completion and harvest. They're equivalent to a cosmic culmination from the heavens and the lunar theme depends on the sign it occupies. With the sun directly opposing the moon in Sagittarius, the emotional meaning of the full moon in Sagittarius 2019 starts with finding a balance between the person you are within, and your immediate environment, and the person you aspire to be when you look towards the horizon. The sun in Gemini is a symbol of your innate curiosities, while the moon in Sagittarius represents the full experience. Another way to look at these astrological energies is like this: Gemini is the GPS, and Sagittarius is the final destination.

The full moon will illuminate the sky in the sign of the archer, but the essence of Gemini will still come to play, given that this moon phase occurs when the sun and the moon directly oppose one another. According to, you'll reap what you've sown since the corresponding New Moon, which in this particular case took place on Dec. 7, 2018. Ask yourself: What kind of spiritual clarity have you obtained since? How are you making the most of your human experience?

There are a number of powerful aspects taking place during this lunation, so let's take a closer look.

Full Moon In Sagittarius: June 17, 2019

A magical full moon will adorn the velvet night on June 17, at 4 a.m., in the spontaneous sign of the archer. Adventurous, bold, and optimistic, the essence of Sagittarius will remind you to explore, learn, and look at the "bigger picture." For instance, Gemini looks at the grains of sand, while Sagittarius looks at the box of sand. See the difference?

Worldly Sagittarius is an eternal student and a lover of opportunities. This sign prefers to live life to the absolute fullest, and with a fire for every experience. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, those born under the sign of Sagittarius walk through life with an innate desire to wander and spread positivity. However, despite Sagittarius' contagious optimism and the rich spirituality that stems from almighty Jupiter, the energy of this lunation isn't going to be as chipper as you'd expect it to be.

For starters, its celestial ruler Jupiter is currently retrograde, and it will conjunct the full moon, too. This will emphasize the essence of Sagittarius, considering Jupiter magnifies everything it touches, let alone when retrograde. So you'll likely be feeling insatiably passionate and perhaps even restless during this time. An exact square to elusive Neptune can heighten your intuition, but it can also cloud your judgment, so it's important to stay grounded during this time.

Neptune knows no boundaries, as it is the planet of dreams, illusion, and the universal realm. And when it touches the moon, your emotions can easily feel overwhelming, which can in turn confuse you.

The Emotional Meaning Of The Sagittarius Full Moon

Before you overthink the effects of the upcoming lunation, let's look at the bigger picture, in true Sagittarius fashion. Neptune can be elusive and hazy, but it's also a symbol of your faith. Jupiter and Neptune are eerily similar, in the sense that they're both dreamy idealists, so how can you make the most of this lunation? For starters, think about your goals and how much you've learned in the past six months. Ask yourself: Where am I headed? What's changed in regard to my visions and personal philosophy?

The upcoming full moon in Sagittarius is a reminder that the possibilities are endless, and that there are always opportunities waiting for you on the other size of the horizon. You hold the key to your success, and it all starts with an objective. So grab your arrow, and point it towards the infinite sky. You're going places — this is just the beginning.

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