Here's How The Emotional Meaning Of The Full Moon In Aquarius Might Affect You

by Valerie Mesa
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The moon is just as mysterious as it is mystical. It governs your intuitive instincts, inner world, and the most private sector of your life. When it reaches its peak of fullness, emotions become heightened, which explains why the emotional meaning of the full moon in Aquarius 2019 has everything to do with your sense of belonging, both personally and collectively. When the moon is full, it sits directly opposite the sun, making a symbol of the divine masculine and feminine energies. Full moons are equivalent to a spiritual culmination from the heavens, and in the sign of Aquarius, an opportunity to make a difference in your community.

The Leo-Aquarius axis rules the heart and the mind. It's a reminder that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Leo, being a unique expression of the self, and Aquarius, the entire ensemble. Just imagine what would happen if everyone played their own unique instrument. The world would be one big colorful orchestra, right? This is the essence of Leo-Aquarius, with the exception that Leo lives for the applause and Aquarius prefers to break free from social norms. Despite their innate similarities, there is a distinct polarity between Leo and Aquarius.

What exactly happens when the sun in theatrical Leo directly opposes the moon in rebellious Aquarius? Aside from being a call for balance, this is a time to surround yourself with like-minded groups of individuals in order for you to discover your overall sense of belonging in society. How can your unique gifts make a difference in the world as you know it? How can you tap into your inner humanitarian spirit? Similar to the essence of Sagittarius, there is an emphasis here on the bigger picture and with Leo in the mix, you get to be the star of your own reality show.


Full Moon In Aquarius: Change Is Here

On Aug. 5, a socially conscious full moon will illuminate the velvet night in the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius. In the meantime, think back to the new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 4 and reflect on the following: How has your social life evolved ever since? Have you upgraded any of your techie gadgets? Aquarius is ruled by electric Uranus, planet of technology, revolution, and unexpected change. So anything related to innovation, progression, and social movements has everything to do with this fixed air sign.

The Leo sun wants you to stand out on your own, but the Aquarius moon wants you to be able to rely on the help of your friends. Sounds totally contradictory, doesn't it? This is precisely where the full moon's emotional tug of war stems from. For instance, haven't you noticed how people's moods suddenly change whenever there's a full moon? Nothing is coincidence. This is a time where two opposing forces become one and it's up to you to make the best of it. This might sound cliché, but these are the moments where being you is really all you need to do.

On the day of this socially conscious full moon in Aquarius, charming Venus, planet of love, beauty, and relationships, will be sitting conjunct the moon. What does this mean exactly? Themes related to your relationships, values, and pleasure will likely be very prominent during this time. Aggressive Mars will also be sitting close to the moon, which means it will also be shedding light on the way you assert yourself and take action, especially if it pertains to your self-expression or what brings you joy. Mercury, planet of communication and thought process, will also play a big role in this lunation, so your exchanges will also be top of mind.

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