These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Aquarius Season, But Here's How To Make The Best Of It

by Valerie Mesa

Greetings, earthlings. Aquarius season has arrived, so grab your space gear, pack your techie gadgets, and make sure you've got that Sci-Fi channel on deck, because it's gonna be a revolution. Now, before we tap into our inner geek, these three zodiac signs will have the worst Aquarius season 2019, but in typical Aquarian fashion, we won't have much time to partake in anything remotely emotional, let alone dramatic: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. In the meantime, let's go ahead and mentally squeeze out every ounce of logic from this situation, without it taking too much time. The theme for this astrological season: What would an Aquarius do?

The season of the water bearer is as unique (if not more) as those born under this incredibly diverse sign. For Aquarius, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, which is why this season reminds us of our individual freedom, and unique role in society. With that being said, what makes you different from the rest of the world? How can your individual truth make the world a better place? What can you do to make a difference? This is your moment to connect with like-minded groups. This is how to be a rebel 101, literally.

Where's your will to be weird? Yes, those are (100 percent) Jim Morrison's words, and interestingly enough, as per Astrotheme, he was born with an Aquarius ascendant. The late Doors' singer was notorious for making controversial scenes at concerts, and rebelling against the authorities. Mind you, I'm not telling anyone to go be like Jim Morrison, on the contrary. I am simply giving you an example of Aquarius' eccentric personality, and rebellious ways. Long story short, this is your moment to break free the norm, and start your own tradition. However, I do hope you use this energy wisely, stargazers.

Nevertheless, here's what's in store for the water sign family:

Cancer: You're Experiencing Intense Change

Cheer up, Cancer. I know that's easier said than done, considering you are one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac. However, everything is about perspective, and there's really no need to panic. Yes, the sun is indeed lighting up your intensity-loving eighth house of sex, transformation, and other people's money, but again, let's do everything we can to not make this a negative experience. Granted, you might experience deep changes during this time, but if you really think about it, change isn't always a bad thing, right? In fact, this is a great time for you to rid yourself of habits that don't serve your highest purpose. Moreover, this is also great for all types of research, and dabbling in the occult, which I know you love.

Scorpio: You're Feeling Introspective

Hi, Scorpio. No, you're not depressed, "over it," or in a bad mood. In fact, this is your time to look inward, and really analyze what's going on beneath the surface. The sun is illuminating your cozy fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation, so you might be feeling needier than usual, but by no means is this a sign of weakness. Not even close. Spending time with your loved ones, and doing things that make you feel comfortable will be top of mind for you during this time. Now, if you actually play the part, and work on your internal foundation, you will be ready to party once Pisces season rolls around. I guarantee it.

Pisces: You're Hiding From The Rest Of The World

Sleepy, Pisces? Well, that's a trick question, because when are you not? Although, you might be feeling a lot more tired than usual, or perhaps a bit drained, and it's all because the sun is traveling through your secretive twelfth house of endings and beginnings, karma, rest, and subconscious mind. Ring a bell? After all, this is your house of rulership. Think of it as a personal hiatus for you to tap into your dream world, and fantasyland. Either way, you need to get some shut-eye, Pisces. Besides, you'll want to be ready for your birthday season next month right? Well, think of it as a cosmic intermission. This is your chance to sleep it all off, and recharge your batteries, so you can be ready for your solar return.