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The Emotional Meaning Of This Year's First Supermoon Is About Self-Confidence

by Valerie Mesa
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Full moons are a symbol of completion, celebration and harvest. Every lunation has a unique story. For instance, when referring to the emotional meaning of the February 2020 full supermoon — which will appear to be bigger and brighter than your average full moon — this lunation has everything to do with embracing your self-confidence amidst invoking your inner child. Glimmering with pride in the sign of royal feline, February's full moon, which takes place on Feb. 9 at 2:33 a.m. ET in the playful sign of Leo, will help you tap into your colorful gifts so you can shine your light, fearlessly and unapologetically.

The first thing you need to know about the moon is, it's a symbol of your shadow self and emotional foundation; it's also your sense of nurture, along with the things that make you feel internally secure. When the moon is full, it sits directly opposite the sun, which represents yin (the moon and divine feminine) coming face-to-face with yang (the sun and sacred masculine) to enkindle harmony. This is why the full moon is also a call for balance. For instance, are your external surroundings fulfilling you emotionally?

Something else to reflect on during the full moon phase is, are you being emotionally authentic with those who surround you? Again, the full moon is here to shed light on both your internal and external realities, because they don't always coincide.


The Effects Of The Full Moon

Keep in mind, both the sun and the moon can influence the ocean tides and the water within you, which reminds me. Together, both of these powerful luminaries have the ability to heighten emotions and evoke consciousness. The sun being a symbol of your outer world, physical identity, and ego; the moon representing your innermost feelings, intuitive instincts, and emotional karma. Imagine both of these heavenly bodies opposing one another. Powerful, right? It's sort of like a cosmic tug of war, so to speak.

Haven't you ever wondered why everyone makes such a big deal whenever there's a full moon? Or perhaps why you can't fully control your emotions during this time? In astrology, water is a symbol of emotion, so when the sun directly opposes the moon, the water in your body moves more freely, because it can't be contained, plus there's something that needs to be brought to light during this time. Remember, with the sun and moon sitting on complete opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, everyone — both personally and collectively — is being asked to acknowledge and readjust something in their lives.

So what happens when the sun is traveling through interstellar Aquarius and the moon is in cinematic Leo?

The Emotional Meaning Of February's Full Supermoon

Like I said, full moons shed light on what needs to be acknowledged. Beyond that, it provides you with the right energy to do so. In the case of Leo and Aquarius — Leo being your colorful individuality and unique light; Aquarius being a representation of society and collective consciousness — this is an opportunity for you to share your divine light with the masses. What makes you different from the rest of the world? What is it about you that can effortlessly light up a room? Whether you believe it, everyone was born with a special gift.

Another way to look at it is, Leo being the selfies you take and content you create, while Aquarius is the social network and media platform where you can fully express yourself. It's been an interesting couple of years, but if there's one thing that's helped me push through, it's the magic of astrology. Self-awareness is an essential component to your personal success, but when you remember that there's no such thing as another you, that truly means something.

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