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The Emotional Meaning Of Sagittarius Season Is About Having Enthusiasm

by Valerie Mesa
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Governed by lucky Jupiter — planet of abundance, expansion, opportunity, and wisdom — it's no wonder those born under the sign of Sagittarius are constantly going on adventures. The emotional meaning of Sagittarius season 2020 is about enthusiasm, because there's nothing more gratifying than living in the now. Its mutable fire is refreshing, as it bestows the collective with hope and optimism.

Sagittarius season encourages you to take more risks and, more importantly, it reminds you to have faith in your actions. It's everything you never knew you needed, especially after swimming through the depths of the underworld in Scorpio. Confident and lively, Sagittarius' zodiac archetype points its arrow aimlessly towards the infinite sky with hope and wonder. This mutable season is here to fuel your inner explorer and spontaneous gambler. Everything has a consequence — whether it's good or bad — so it doesn't hurt to look on the bright side every now and then.

Mistakes are part of life, so there's no use in planning your every move. First, it's not realistic, and second, there's no chance you're going to get away with overthinking things during Sagittarius season. Though no one wants like the idea of failing, the season of the archer reminds you to look beyond the idea of being wrong and/or defeated. 'Tis the season of self-discovery, so you might as well make it an adventure.


The Emotional Meaning Of Sagittarius Season 2020: Nov. 21 To Dec. 21

After a long Libra season, and cathartic Scorpio season, the sun has finally come out and it's as bright as ever. This feeling of hope has everything to do with Sagittarius season and the freedom-loving nature stemming from its zodiac archetype. What inspires you? What makes you feel the most alive? Sagittarius' glyph is symbolic of the centaur's arrow pointing toward infinity, along with the endless possibilities that exist all around you. This mutable fire season is all about expanding your horizons, but in order to do that, you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Sure, venturing into unknown territory is hardly an easy task, but thinking like a Sagittarius means you never know until you try. This is where Jupiter's blessings come in, reminding you to have faith in yourself and trust the process. What's stopping you from living your life to the fullest (despite the obvious circumstances of what's currently happening all over the world, of course)? On the dark side, Jupiter's influence — which is also larger than life itself — can be overindulgent. This could lead to denial, or doing things in excess, so don't lose your balance. Know the difference between having fun and having way too much fun.

Aside from the dos and don'ts, this celestial season has everything to do with reaching for the stars, and about the fire of every experience. A mortal manifestation of Scorpio’s shamanic shadows, the essence of enlightened Sagittarius comes to life after the soul’s metamorphosis. Half-human, half-spirit, the Sagittarius centaur is a divine embodiment of spiritual wisdom, as it carries a heavenly compass all throughout its quest to transcendence. Worldly Sagittarius is an eternal student and a lover of opportunities, and this is your cue to tap into Jupiter's magic.

This season is action-packed with astrological transits, so keep your head high and embrace every moment. The lunar eclipse on Nov. 30 will ignite Sagittarius' polar opposite sign, Gemini, but with the sun in Sagittarius, the desire to explore remains. Its planetary ruler, Jupiter, will also join forces with Saturn in Aquarius this season, which kicks off the beginning of a brand-new era. There's a lot to look forward to, so stay tuned.

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