The Doughnut Project's Restaurant Series Menu Actually Features A Pizza-Flavored Doughnut

Courtesy Of The Doughnut Project

If you know me at all, you're probably well-aware of the fact that I have a soft spot for doughnuts. Whether they're drizzled in chocolate, filled with cream, or if it's covered in a simple glaze, there's a pretty likely chance I would thoroughly enjoy them. But recently, one bakery released a restaurant series lineup which emulates several classic New York City dishes, both sweet and savory, and they look absolutely delectable. If you haven't heard about The Doughnut Project's 2019 Restaurant Series, it features some pretty dope creations. I seriously cannot wait.

Well everyone, it's been a pretty solid week. The sun has come up almost every single day, the birds have been chirping their little tails off, and most importantly, The Doughnut Project finally announced that it would be hosting its third annual Restaurant Series menu. Each and every single doughnut in the series, according to the press release, is inspired by specific dishes from the creator's favorite restaurants throughout New York City.

According to the press release, the Doughnut Project's Restaurant Series will last a full six weeks, and each week will include a different limited-edition doughnut that will be sold Friday through Sunday at the Greenwich Village bakery.

Take a look at the doughnut lineup, below. You definitely won't be able to resist any of them:

  • Jan. 18 – 20 will feature the Lilia Doughnut, inspired by Chef Missy Robbins' Italian Job Dessert, featuring vanilla gelato, sea salt, honey, olive oil, and fennel pollen
  • January 25 – 27 will feature the Rosso Pomodoro Doughnut, inspired by Chef Simone Falco's Zucchetta Pizza, featuring mozzarella di bufala, delicata squash, taleggio cheese, and Villa Manodori balsamic
  • Feb. 1 – 3 will feature the Oxomoco Doughnut, inspired by Chef Justin Bazdarich and Chef de Cuisine Matt Conroy's Lamb Barbacoa, featuring Salsa de Pipicha, watercress, and squash blossoms
  • Feb. 8 – 10 will feature the JeJu Noodle Bar Doughnut, inspired by Chef Douglas Kim's Hotteok, featuring Korean street food, and a sweet filled pancake
  • Feb. 15 – 17 will feature the Quality Italian Doughnut, inspired by Chef Nick Gaube's Ricotta, featuring sicilian oregano, flower honey, and pine nuts
  • Feb. 22 – 24 will feature The Cannibal, inspired by Chef Ryan Skeen's Roasted Bone Marrow, featuring pickled beets and crispy shallots

Those sound pretty delish, right? The prices range from $4.75 to $6.00, and the best part is that each and every creation is super Instagrammable. Take a gander at 'em below.

The Lilia, for example, is absolutely gorgeous...

Courtesy Of The Doughnut Project

... and the Oxomoco is a meat-lover's dream.

Courtesy Of The Doughnut Project

The Rosso Pomodoro, however, is probably going to be my favorite one of them all. Based on the classic Zucchetta pie, it looks incredibly fresh and absolutely delicious. TBH, I could go for one right now.

Courtesy Of The Doughnut Project

OK, how good do each and every one of those look? They seriously have my stomach rumbling, and for real, I can't wait until each of their release dates. Until then, I'll just be filling up on Dunkin', I guess. Their snack menu is pretty bomb.