The Instagram accounts of 'The Circle: Brazil' cast reveal a whole new side to them.

Trust Me, You Need To Insta-Stalk The Cast Of 'The Circle: Brazil' Right Now

by Dylan Kickham

When the U.S. version of The Circle hit Netflix at the beginning of 2020, it was a viral sensation fans could not look away from. Well, now there is a brand-new season of the social media-centric reality show streaming on Netflix, and American audiences may not have even known. That's because it isn't a U.S. version this time around, but rather a Brazilian one. Before you rush off to start watching, check out the Instagram accounts of The Circle: Brazil cast to get a look at all the new reality stars.

The Circle: Brazil premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, March 11, releasing its first four episodes in a batch. Just like it did for the U.S. iteration of the show, Netflix will release batches of episodes every Wednesday until the winner is chosen in the finale. The game is also the same: Players are sequestered in private rooms where they can only communicate with one another via an app called The Circle. Every so often, players will get to vote others off, and things get really interesting since some players create profiles using false photos and information.

Since only four episodes have aired at this point, not all of the players are in the game just yet, but you can take a look at the Instagram accounts of all the initial The Circle: Brazil cast members below.

1. JP Gadelha

J.P. is playing the game as himself... but aged down three years. He's telling the other players that he's 28 when in reality, he's 31.

2. Loma Lisboa

Meet your first catfish! Loma is playing The Circle as a 25-year-old straight man named Lucas. Meanwhile, her real-life social media is full of colorful pics, including selfies and nights out with friends.

3. Gaybol Cardoso

Gaybol is going into The Circle authentically himself, and his Instagram totally captures his goofy, fun-loving personality.

4. Lorayne Oliver

Lorayne's Instagram is packed with gorgeous modeling photos, so it makes sense she is playing The Circle as herself.

5. Marina Gregory

Marina's Instagram is full of stunning glamour shots from her travels all over the world. She is playing the game using all of her epic photos, but presenting herself as a 22-year-old singer even though she's actually 25.

6. Raphael Dumaresq

Raphael's IG account is an explosion of color and pride, filled with eye-catching looks and joyful captions. With all that confidence, it's no wonder he's playing in The Circle as himself.

7. João Akel

João looks like a super-fun guy judging from his Instagram, but the 20-year-old will be aging up to pretend to be a 30-year-old dietitian for the reality show.

8. Rob Vulcan

Rob's IG is all about his passion for knives and kilts, but he didn't take any of his personal photos onto The Circle. For the game, he's playing as a bisexual 24-year-old woman named Julia.

9. Ana Carla Medeiros

With an Instagram packed with gorgeous travel pics and bright glamour shots, of course Ana is playing the game as herself.

10. Marcel Blazute

Marcel clearly knows how to take a good picture, but he decided to catfish his fellow players as a 27-year-old woman named Luma. Oh, and he's not alone...

11. Lucas Blazute

Marcel's twin brother Lucas is helping him play as Luma, and he also has a fire IG account.

Catch all of these social media manipulators on Wednesdays on Netflix's The Circle: Brazil.