'The Circle' cast's Instagram accounts gives fans a real look at the players.

Here Are All The Instagram Accounts Of 'The Circle' Cast, So You Can Creep Away


If you have already pressed play on an episode of Netflix's new reality competition series The Circle, then chances are you got hooked right away. Based on the 2018 British series of the same name, Netflix's U.S. version of The Circle feels like Big Brother with a massive social media twist. And since the game is all about creating the perfect social media profile, The Circle cast's real Instagram accounts are super interesting for fans to take a look at.

Even for superfans of reality competition shows, The Circle feels like an entirely new concept, especially since contestants can go the whole game without ever meeting the other players. Like some sort of wild hybrid between Big Brother, Catfish, and that episode of Black Mirror where everyone rated each other in real time using an app, players in The Circle can only communicate with one another using a social media app similar to Instagram. Another wrinkle in the game is that some players have created fake profiles to try to help get them further, whereas others are playing as their genuine selves. Every couple of episodes, the players are forced to rank everyone else from favorite to least favorite, and then the two most-liked players decide on a contestant to send home.

This list won't have every single Season 1 player, since the players haven't all been revealed yet, but here's where you can get a closer look at the original contestants vying to win Netflix's inaugural season of The Circle.

1. Chris Sapphire

The Dallas, Texas, native quickly won favor among his fellow contestants simply for being himself, and his real Instagram is very similar to his account on The Circle. From outrageous outfits to photos with drag queens, Chris' online persona makes it clear he's the life of any party.

2. Karyn Blanco

Karyn is definitely one of the most exciting players for fans to watch on The Circle this season, since she's one of the contestants catfishing everyone else. Rather than playing as herself, Karyn set her profile to be a young woman named Mercedeze. Karyn's real Instagram is all her, though, and shows she loves to be both goofy and serious.

3. Sammie Cimarelli

Sammie quickly emerged as one of the potential frontrunners in The Circle, and it is easy to see why. The Miami native decided to play the game authentically herself, seemingly putting strategy on the sidelines and instead opting for truth. Her personal Instagram is full of selfies and posed photos, showing she definitely knows her way around social media.

4. Shubham Goel

An instant fan-favorite, Shubham (aka Shooby) went into The Circle with a strong distaste for social media, and wanted to use the experiment to show being completely authentic was the best way to present yourself online. In line with his mission statement, Shooby's Instagram is filled with silly selfies and funny faces that confirm he's not taking social media too seriously.

5. Seaburn Williams

Seaburn is another exciting player to watch since he is actually pretending to be his own girlfriend, Rebecca, while playing The Circle. Although Seaburn does not post any photos of himself on The Circle, his Instagram is an entirely different story. The account reveals the contestant is actually a model, and he has a ton of high-fashion photos that show off his posing skills.

6. Alana Duval

At first glance, Texas-based swimsuit model Alana may seem like the most likely catfish account on The Circle, but she is actually the real deal. Alana entered the game to play as her authentic self, and her personal Instagram profile is a fun mix of her modeling photos and some candid shots.

7. Antonio DePína

Antonio is a professional basketball player who went on The Circle to play as himself, although he did opt to leave out the detail that he's in a relationship. His real Instagram profile shows him hanging out on basketball courts and in exotic locations.

8. Joey Sasso

The true breakout star from the first batch of The Circle episodes was none other than Joey, the loud, confident, and well-moisturized guido who seems like he would perfectly fit in with the Jersey Shore cast. Just like on the show, Joey's personal Instagram is 100% himself, full of photos with his family, inspirational quotes, and of course, a bunch of shirtless gym selfies.

New episodes of The Circle drop on Netflix each Wednesday.