Here’s What The Color Of Starbucks’ Crystal Ball Frappuccino Means For Your Future


I've been to a psychic once or twice, but I'm always a little afraid to know exactly what my future holds. I guess I find the entire ordeal a little intimidating, because I'd rather just enjoy life as it comes without having any ideas about what should happen. You know what I mean? OK, I don't mean to get this ~deep~ before you have your morning coffee, but let me tell you some good news: Starbucks' new drink can also tell your future, and it's a little less frightening than an actual psychic reading. The coffee company released a mystical frappuccino on March 22, and it's decorated with sparkling candy crystals. Believe it or not, the candy gems on Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino have different meanings, and each color is meant to tell your future.

That's right: If you're too scared to visit an actual psychic (like me), you can take a trip to your local Starbucks and get a reading at the counter. It's that simple. Before you get any ideas, there won't be an actual psychic waiting for your order with a glistening crystal ball. Instead, you'll have to order a Crystal Ball Frappuccino and see what color gems the barista sprinkles your drink with. I guess you can call the Starbucks baristas psychics for the next four days, because they're really the ones determining your future. Baristas will sprinkle your frappuccino with one of three colored gems, and each color has a meaning.


If you're given blue candy gems atop your sweet Crystal Ball Frappuccino, that means you're destined for adventure. So if you've been planning on backpacking across Europe with your best friends, do it! If you've been dreaming of a tropical vacation this spring, book the ticket. Your Starbucks drink is basically telling you to explore the world.


Green sprinkles on top of your Crystal Ball Frappuccino foretell good luck (obviously). If you get the green, go buy a lottery ticket or enter a contest! Your drink told you to do so. However, Starbucks notes that it can't assume liability for any luck or lack of luck that you might experience, but it "really [does] hope you have a fantastic day."


Purple candy gems on top of your Crystal Ball Frappuccino mean magic, wonder, and enchantment are headed your way. I'm not entirely sure what you can do if you're granted the purple sparkles, but maybe you should just wait. One of your dreams might come true, or maybe you'll fall in love. Who knows! Either way, embrace the purple, my friends.

Now, I'm super curious to see what color candy gems I'd get if I walked into a Starbucks right now. I have a trip planned in May, so maybe I'd get the blue. I'm also in need of some serious luck, so the green would be nice, too. On the other hand, a little love and enchantment wouldn't hurt, so maybe the purple would be best. Ugh, can I have all three?

Anyway, let's talk about what's underneath the gems. Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino is made witha peach-flavored frappuccino base that's mixed with turquoise sparkles. Then, it's topped with peach-flavored whipped cream, which is sprinkled with the colored candy gems.

Sounds magical, doesn't it?


The only downside to the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is that it's only available for four days. From March 22 to March 26, you'll be able to try the magical drink at participating Starbucks stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. However, if supplies run out, you won't be able to get one. To ensure your future is bright, take a trip ASAP and give it a sip.