The Biggest Myths About Sex Positions That Will "Get You Pregnant," According To OB/GYNs

When it comes to pregnancy and sexual health, there are still a ton of myths to bust. From old wive's tales about the height of a baby bump determining the sex of the baby, to problematic ideas about periods and pregnancy, there is no shortage of pregnancy hearsay that should be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, when it comes to the sexy part of pregnancy (or literally, the sex part), it's important to unpack any myths about sex positions that will "get you pregnant,” before you potentially buy into some faulty logic.

"Fortunately or unfortunately, there really aren't any positions that will particularly help or hinder you getting pregnant" Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, OB/GYN at at Yale-New Haven Hospital and clinical professor at Yale University School of Medicine, tells Elite Daily. "We fortunately do have lots of options for folks not wanting to conceive, so they don't have to think of trying any strange positions — other than for fun!"

If you've ever heard that certain positions during penetrative sex are more likely to, ahem, make a baby, chances are you were given some incorrect information. According to Dr. Minkin, when having vaginal penetrative sex, all positions have the same likeness of conception, especially if you and your partner aren't currently using contraceptives. "Those little guys (sperm) are pretty fast moving and can make their way up to the cervix from anywhere in the vagina," Dr. Minkin says. In fact, as Dr. Minkin attests, sperm can be so strong that it's possible to get pregnant without direct penetration at all. "Indeed, they (sperm) don't even have to be deposited in the vagina to get one pregnant," Dr. Minkin says. "There are examples of folks who've had what can be referred to as 'non-penetrative sex' who end up getting pregnant."

Dr. Minkin is referring to pregnancy that results from pre-ejaculate fluid, the release of which can't be controlled and can happen during any kind of frisky stuff — even before full on penetrative sex starts. While most ore-ejaculate contains minimal-to-no sperm (or sometimes dead sperm), on rare occasions, people have gotten pregnant from the existing sperm within pre-ejaculate fluid.

Even though getting pregnant from pre-ejaculate is low-risk, if you're fooling around and you're not trying to get pregnant — it can be super important for you to check into what contraceptives make sense for you. "As far as folks not wanting to conceive, condoms are always helpful. And of course, we have many fine methods of ongoing contraception for women — both hormonal and non hormonal — which will give her ongoing protection," Dr. Minkin says. In the event that you have unprotected sex or you want to ensure you're super-duper protected (literally no judgment), Dr. Minkin suggests emergency contraceptives, such as Plan B, as well.

"Of course, there is always the morning after pill (which can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse) which is really quite effective. And you don't need a prescription, and it's available to women of all ages," Dr. Minkin says.

Additionally, if you are trying to get pregnant, Dr. Minkin suggests some tips that aren't just old wive's tales. "If a couple is trying to conceive, I will encourage the woman to lie down for 15 minutes or so after sex, to encourage the sperm to make it up to the cervix," Dr. Minkin says." Lying down for a breather after doing the dirty can be a super sexy way to connect with your partner and increase chances of conceiving. How's that for two birds with one sexy stone?

When it comes to having penetrative sex, it unlikely that certain positions are more likely to get you pregnant. If you're looking for your family to grow, lying down after getting it on can be helpful in increasing chances of conception. And if you're not ready for a baby now (or ever), using whatever contraceptives feel right for you and your partner can do their part in keeping you baby-free.

As long as your sex is consensual, any position can be what you make of it — no strings (or babies) attached.