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Nicole Kidman Dropped A Major Hint About 'Big Little Lies' Getting A Season 3


Good news for the moms of Monterey: According to Nicole Kidman, the Big Little Lies cast wants to make Season 3. That means the Monterey 5 might be back for more wine, lies, and mayhem soon. A third season hasn't been officially announced yet, but Kidman's quotes are a good sign fans can look forward to more Big Little Lies.

In an interview with Marie Claire Australia, Kidman, who produced and starred in the HBO series, said showrunner David E. Kelley and author of the original book Liane Moriarty "have a really good idea” for a possible Season 3.

"Reese [Witherspoon] and I talk or text once a week," Kidman told the publication. "She’s just moved back to Nashville and we’re really close. We all just want to work together again. I texted Zoë [Kravitz] and Laura [Dern] and they’re in [for Season 3]." She then told readers to "watch this space" for updates as Season 3 potentially moves forward.

The fact that so many major members of the cast are on board for Season 3 definitely helps the chances of it happening. Previously, Kidman told the Daily Telegraph that she "would not do it without all of the same people involved … even the kids."

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kidman talked about how closely the cast and crew of Big Little Lies work together. When a possible Season 3 came up, she said, "It’s a collaboration. We work as a group. We are incredibly tight; we talk to each other, and we are on each other’s side. So, we will decide as a group."


The first season of Big Little Lies, which premiered on HBO in 2017, was originally intended to be a mini-series. But, since the show became so popular, it returned for a second season. Season 2's cliffhanger ending has left fans clamoring for more, and based on Kidman's quotes, they just might be getting it soon.

You can catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 of Big Little Lies on HBO and HBO Max now.