The 8 Game-Changing Travel Products I Bring On Every Flight Are Tried & Approved

by Kristin Corpuz

I'm not afraid to say it: Long flights suck. There is not much fun about being stuck on an airplane for hours on end, possibly sleep-deprived, internet-deprived, and usually, without much personal space. But through my extensive travels, I've figured out the best travel products for long flights that can make your flights just a little more bearable.

From hydrating face products to the best memory foam neck pillow, there are a few things that I refuse to board a plane without. (I'm not kidding. The one time I thought I lost my neck pillow, I went straight to the store to buy a new one, but then someone ran up to me to tell me I had dropped it back at the security line so it saved me $30.) I've accumulated quite a large collection of things I like to have on planes that are in constant rotation on my various trips, but these eight things are what I absolutely have to have with me every single time I board a plane.

Even though long flights can be extremely stressful and uncomfortable, indulging in these few personal luxuries will make your time on the plane much more enjoyable. Trust me.

This Neck Pillow Offers Ultimate Head Support

Falling asleep on a plane can be super difficult. I usually end up with my head going forward, backwards, to the side, and everywhere in between. This memory foam travel pillow has honestly been life-changing for travel. It's so supportive and ensures that I get a peaceful rest, and I wake up feeling like I didn't just spend 10 hours asleep in a chair.

This Silk Eye Sleeping Mask Blocks Out Light And Doesn't Leave A Dent In My Hair

I never quite understood why people spent money on an eye mask — especially when they usually give you one on the plane — until I tried this one. The silk eye masks from Shhh Silk feel so luxurious on my face, and the material ensures that the mask won't tug at the delicate skin around my eyes. To make it even better, the mask actually blocks out all the light. I also love this marble print because it makes the mask fun and chic — something I'd happily snap for my Instagram.

These Glasses Have Been With Me To Every Destination Over The Past Five Years

Whenever I fly with my contact lenses in, my eyes get irritated — even if it's just a short flight. I prepare by wearing my glasses to the airport. I bought this Florence frame from Glasses USA back in my junior year of college, and have worn them pretty much every day since then. Believe me when I say that they are indestructible. I have sat on them, thrown them, and crammed them into my luggage, but somehow, they have never broken. I'm considering getting myself a backup pair just so I have them in case I lose the pair I have (and Glasses USA decides to discontinue the style).

This Backpack Is My Ultimate Travel BFF

This backpack is the perfect travel companion. It's beautifully made and super chic — I get compliments on it every time I use it — and it's deceivingly large on the inside. It fits all of my toiletries, as well as my laptop and iPad, along with my thick journal-slash-calendar, and other random miscellaneous things (like my GoPro). It also has a ton of pockets so you can keep all of your things organized in their own place. I like it so much, I even got it in a second color so it can match different outfits.

These Headphones Work With And Without A Wire

This is my absolute favorite pair of headphones to travel with. It has a solid battery life, and can also transition from wireless to wired, so you can wear them comfortably before the flight, and then plug into your plane's entertainment system if you want to watch a movie. It doesn't hurt that they look super cute, too.

This Denim Jacket Is A 10 Out Of 10

It's always a great idea to wear layers when traveling. This denim jacket from Ksubi has become my new best friend when I travel. It has a the perfect straight cut that isn't too form-fitting and isn't too loose, and it works well with just about every travel outfit. It also isn't too bulky if I end up having to pack it up into my suitcase, and it works well as a blanket if I don't want to wear it during the flight. It's a 10 out of 10 in my book.

I Never Get On A Plane Without A Few K-Beauty Sheet Masks Handy

I will never get on a plane without at least a few K-beauty sheet masks in my handy-dandy cosmetic case. Sheet masks are truly a saving grace for me on long flights, because my skin gets so dry in the recycled plane air. Sometimes, if the flight is long enough, I'll even use one at the beginning and one at the end. These masks from Peach & Lily are ones you should definitely invest in. They're light and comfortable, but deeply hydrating — and they seriously make your face glow. The serum is the perfect first step in any skincare routine, and the mask will keep your face hydrated long after you've gotten off the plane.

These Face Oils And Serums Keep My Skin Hydrated

Skincare is a huge priority for me when I'm flying. I always want my skin to feel comfortable and hydrated, and even with sheet masks, my face needs a bit of help. That's where this cocktail of face oils and serums comes in.

Over time, I've tried out different combinations of face oils, serums, and moisturizers to figure out what works best for my in-flight skincare routine, and these five picks are it for me. This blend is perfectly hydrating and leaves my skin looking dewy and fresh from the plane ride to the street.