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11 Travel Accessories For Frequent Flyers That'll Get You Through Even The Longest Trips

If you travel a lot, you probably have a few things you always bring with you. But sometimes, the things you didn't think of packing tend to be the most important. From a reusable water bottle to a sleep mask, these are travel accessories for frequent flyers that will get you through any trip — so get that checklist ready.

I travel frequently for work, and any time I have to buy a water bottle at the airport, I kick myself a little. I think to myself, "I should know better by now!" Though I have accumulated many of the things on this list, it also serves as a reminder of the things that I need to get for myself. (I honestly don't know how I've been able to survive this long without headphones that actually block outside noise.)

From stuffy flights to long layovers, traveling can be a pain if you're not equipped with all the essentials. Your life can be made a whole lot easier if you remember to pack these key products. Whether you travel every other week, or just once a year, you shouldn't forgo bringing any of these essential items on your next trip.

1. This Impossibly Chic Water Bottle Will Keep You Hydrated Throughout Your Travels

bkr Naked 1L



Buying water bottles at the airport is ridiculously expensive. If you're looking for a way to save money, go green, stay hydrated on the go, and look chic while doing it, you need this water bottle from bkr. It holds one liter of liquid, so you can easily monitor your water intake (I aim for three of these a day). Keep in mind that the bottle is glass, and it's heavier than other water bottles.

2. Sleep Comfortably With This Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow



I've tried out countless neck pillows, and I've found none better than this memory foam one from Cabeau. It was a spontaneous airport purchase, but since I started using it, my travel time has become much more comfortable. It supports your neck and is easy to transport (It rolls up for compact storage.), so you can catch some Zs and arrive at your destination ready to go.

3. Block Out Noise And Enjoy Your In-Flight Entertainment With These Headphones

Beoplay H9i


Bang & Olufsen

These luxurious headphones are worth the price tag. The most impressive feature is the advanced active noise cancellation, which allows you to completely block out sound, or you can opt for the transparency mode if you need to hear announcements from the cabin crew. There's also a touch interface built into the outside of the headset so you can navigate through your music without pulling out your device.

4. Keep Your Laptop Safe With This Hardshell Case

Speck Smartshell MacBook Pro Case



Speck makes hardshell cases to make sure your laptop stays safe when you take it in and out of your bag. It comes in a variety of different colors to suit your personality, and the transparency of the case shows off the branding of your laptop.

5. Keep Track Of Your Toiletries With This Crystalline Bag

Large Crystalline Travel Bag



It can be difficult finding your toiletries in a giant duffel or carry-on, especially if you're packing at the last-minute. This transparent toiletry case will help you keep track of all of your products, and because it's made of vinyl, it's easy to clean after your trip is over. The size of this pouch is perfect for carrying any and all of your toiletries.

6. You Can Easily Spot Your Bag With This Bright Luggage Tag

Map Maker Luggage Tag



A luggage tag is a tiny accessory that a lot of people often overlook. In addition to housing your contact info in case your bag gets lost, you can also pick one that's vibrant so your bag is easy to identify when it goes through baggage claim. This one from Anthropologie has a gorgeous watercolor illustration of a map on it, and even has a matching passport case you can buy with it.

7. Stay Online With A Portable Power Bank

Pocket Power 5K Power Bank (aka Portable Charger)



Nothing is worse than arriving in a new city and realizing that your phone doesn't have any juice. This portable power bank from Belkin is sleek enough to fit in your purse or pocket, and provides up to 19 extra hours of call time (or 11 hours of browsing the web) for your device.

8. Catch Some Zs With The Help Of A Silk Eye Mask

Black Marble Silk Sleep Mask


Shhh Silk

If you're sensitive to light when you're on a plane, you should absolutely invest in a sleep mask. This one from Shhh Silk has a gorgeous marble pattern on it, and the black color will make sure that any makeup or dirt won't be visible on it. Plus, silk is a gentle fabric that won't tug at the delicate skin around your eyes or dent your hair, so you'll wake up looking as refreshed as you feel.

9. Keep Your Devices Charged Anywhere In The World With A Universal Adapter

LKY DIGITAL Travel Adapter



Over the years, I've accumulated a handful of different power adapters that I have to carry separately whenever I travel back to that region. But with an adapter like this, you only need to bring one piece of hardware every time you travel. If you travel internationally a lot, it's worth keeping one of these in your carry-on.

10. Keep Things Profesh With A Sleek Business Card Holder

Card Case


Pop & Suki

If you're on a business trip, you want to present every part of you to the best of your ability, including your business cards. This card holder from Pop & Suki can slide into your purse or pocket, but it also makes a chic statement. Plus, it has a ring on the outside so you can attach a key or clip it onto your carry-on if you need easier access.

11. You'll Never Have To Worry About Fresh Breath With This Electric Toothbrush

Electric Brush (Refill Plan)



What's not to love about an electronic toothbrush as chic as this one? Consider ditching your regular toothbrush, and bringing this electronic one from Quip on your next adventure. Mine came with a clear travel case, so I'm always able to keep my brush clean when I'm on the go.