This Tool Gives You The Best Hashtags For Your Destination & They're Not What You Think

With wanderlust in the air, traveling is at the very top of your bucket list. You may have a dreamy solo trip in the works, and friends to see in different cities across the U.S. The list of places to explore truly never ends, and one thing that's for certain is you plan on taking a ton of pictures for the 'Gram. A surefire way to get as many likes as possible is by using the right tags, but some of the best travel hashtags based on your destination aren't quite that obvious.

That's right — you may have been adding #WashingtonDC or #DC to all of your selfies in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but better hashtags to use would actually be #MyDCcool or #MadeinDC. Who would have ever known?

With the help of new online tool, "Tag," you'll be well on your way to Insta success for your next trip. Tag comes from the makers of TripScout, a phone app that gives you handy dandy tour guides to some of most popular destinations across the globe. With each guide, you'll receive a list of the must-see sites, an offline map to avoid roaming fees, and a list of the coolest local spots to pose for pics.

The Tag tool is entirely free (aka, you don't need to buy a city guide on TripScout in order to use it), and gives you everything you need to live out your best travel influencer life. With the right hashtags, the likes will start rolling in — and who doesn't want that for their vacation pics?

Tag allows you to search cities around the world and see the recommended hashtags for that given location. Then, as easy as snapping a killer selfie, you can copy and paste all of the recommended tags into your post. The hard work is done for you, and honestly, when you're on vacation, that's seriously the way to go. You might even be surprised at some of the top hashtags that are recommended for the following favorite travel destinations.

For snaps of neon lights and skyscrapers in NYC:

1. "#SeeYourCity" — Unknown

2. "#NewYorkCityLife" — Unknown

3. "#NewYorkExplored" — Unknown

4. "#NYCPrimeShot" — Unknown

5. "#NewYorkNewYork" — Unknown

For when you're in Rome:

6. "#VisitRome" — Unknown

7. "#Rome_It" — Unknown

8. "#IG_Rome" — Unknown

9. "#Italy_Vacations" — Unknown

10. "#IG_FotoItaliane" — Unknown

For your romantic trip to Paris:

11. "#ThisIsParis" — Unknown

12. "#MyLittleParis" — Unknown

13. "#ParisCityVision" — Unknown

14. "#ParisJeTaime" — Unknown

15. "#Hello_France" — Unknown

For your tour of London:

16. "#VisitLondon" — Unknown

17. "#LondonLife" — Unknown

18. "#LondonEye" — Unknown

19. "#London_Only" — Unknown

20. "#LondonStreets" — Unknown

For your getaway to Rio:


21. "#VisitRio" — Unknown

22. "#TravelRJ" — Unknown

23. "#OficialRio" — Unknown

24. "#RioILove" — Unknown

25. "#RioBrazil" — Unknown

For lounging on the beach with a piña colada in Miami:

Maksymiv Iurii/Fotolia

26. "#LoveFL" — Unknown

27. "#VisitMiami" — Unknown

28. "#MiamiLife" — Unknown

29. "#Florida_GreatShots" — Unknown

30. "#My_Mia_Miami" — Unknown

For your trip to Tokyo:


31. "#VisitTokyo" — Unknown

32. "#PoweredByTokyo" — Unknown

33. "#Love_BestJapan" — Unknown

34. "#ILoveJapan" — Unknown

35. "#BeautifulAsia" — Unknown

For those scenic blue dome pics in Santorini:


36. "#VisitGreece" — Unknown

37. "#SantoriniSunset" — Unknown

38. "#SantoriniSecrets" — Unknown

39. "#Santorini_Lover" — Unknown

40. "#SantoriniView" — Unknown