The Clothing "Kit" You Need This Summer, Based On The Type Of Traveler You Are

by Kristin Corpuz

If you ask me, the biggest challenge for any traveler is being able to pack exactly what you need for a trip. The perfectly packed bag should have just the right amount of clothes in it: not too many, and definitely not too few. But when you're trying to cut costs by not checking a bag, and overcompensating for only bringing a carry-on by overstuffing it, you can run into issues. You might not have room for souvenirs, or you might have to sit on your luggage in order to close it. But the best summer clothing kits are here to make your life a whole lot easier as you get ready to pack for your next getaway.

What is a "clothing kit," might you ask? Clothing brands have figured out that people want to be stylish when they travel, but need some assistance in putting together the right pieces in a way that's both space efficient and chic. Sound familiar? To solve this problem, these brands have created sets of clothing, or "kits," that take the guesswork out of dressing yourself.

As someone who's on the road all the time, I'm frequently unpacking and repacking my bag based on the things that I need for each individual trip. But what these kits do to combat that constant confusion is to make it easy for travelers like me to just bring one set of clothes that can serve any purpose I might need on a trip. All I have to do is add my own accessories.

If you're ready for your mind to be blown and your life to be changed by the amazing invention of clothing kits, here are a few I think you should invest in.

For The Business Casual Traveler

The five-piece Carry On Capsule from ADAY is perfect for someone who's traveling for both business and pleasure. The versatile pieces — a long-sleeved wrap top, a wrap dress, a flowy tank, a pair of lightweight pants, and a long-sleeved blouse — are the definition of bringing daywear to nighttime.

These pieces are all meant to be worn in different ways depending on the occasion. The wrap top can be work as an actual wrap top for a meeting, then tied up at the waist for a night out, and can also be worn open as a bathing suit cover-up.

You can purchase the pieces you want separately, or enter the code "CARRYON" at checkout if you want to buy all five together for $575 (originally $638).

For The Minimalist Traveler
Universal Standard

I'm very much the kind of traveler who likes to bring staple wardrobe pieces with me, then I layer to accessorize and give my outfits flavor. That's where the Foundation Seven Piece Kit from Universal Standard comes in.

This kit contains seven basic pieces, including: a bandeau top, a cami, crew and V-neck tees in both long and short sleeves, and a turtleneck. Each of the pieces come in five simple colors, including: black, white, heather gray, navy, and some striped options.

You can purchase the entire kit as a whole for $180.

For The Traveler Who Loves One Color
Unique Travel Set

If you're the kind of traveler who doesn't mind wearing the same color for the entirety of a trip, and you don't want to have to iron or steam your clothes before you wear them, the Unique Travel Set is for you. It's a seven-piece set that includes pants, leggings, a tunic, a T-shirt dress, a belt, a cap, and removable long sleeves.

The pieces are made of wrinkle-free fabric, and the entire kit only weighs around three pounds inside its little bag. Because all of the clothes can be worn in different ways, I highly recommend you watch their video so you can check out how they can be styled. What I like about this set is that you never really have to worry about everything matching, because all of the pieces are meant to go together.

You can buy the entire set for $290.

For The Trendy Traveler

Though PrettyLittleThing doesn't have an entire multi-piece travel kit, they do have an entire section of their website dedicated to airport outfits for the trendy traveler. And the best part? All of the pieces are organized by color, so you can mix and match your pieces based on what suits your style.

I'm particularly a fan of their comfy pieces, because they still look elevated even though they could double as pajamas. These sandy-colored sets are seriously calling my name because I've really been into desert tones lately, and I truly think that beige might be my new black.

You can buy the baseball cap for $12, the cropped sweater for $28, and the joggers for $35.

For The Athletic Traveler
Nicky Kay

It's not a new trend to wear gym clothes to the airport, but athleisure brands like Nicky Kay make their pieces look super chic — and they're still workout-ready. They don't sell their clothes in actual sets, but all of their bottoms have matching tops, and vice versa.

I regularly wear their sports bras to work out, and they're incredibly supportive, but for long-haul flights, their sweatpants and sweatshirts are more up my alley. All of their looser pieces can be worn over your performance gear if you're trying to keep your muscles warm on the way to the gym, and if you opt for their tights or shorts instead of the joggers, you can just wear those to your workout.

You can buy the sweatshirt for around $55 and coordinating sweatpants for around $38.

For The Comfy-But-Chic Traveler
Lou & Grey

Lou & Grey is known for their ultra-soft fabrics and elevated basics, so it only makes sense that they have matching sets that fit that aesthetic as well. Within their matching sets category, you'll find a ton of pieces you can mix and match, as well as ones that are absolutely begging for you to wear together.

I love that this black and white gingham set is perfect for both the plane and exploring once you touch down in your destination. Both pieces are oversized, so you'll feel comfortable on the plane, but they're both sophisticated enough for you to hit the town in.

You can buy the top for $79.50 and the shorts for $64.50.