The Best Float That'll Make A Splash This Summer, Based On Your Fave Drink

Those chill summer days relaxing poolside can't come soon enough. I've been waiting all year for this beautiful season, and in order to make the most of a carefree summer, you need two things: a dope pool float and your favorite drink in hand. Lucky for you, it's the summer of inflatable pool floats, so there's a float for just about everything you can think of. Some of the best pool floats for summer even come in the shape of your favorite drinks, so combine those two summertime essentials, and get to floating on.

Whether you're a wine drinker (if you're 21 and up), or into cocktails like the Appletini, there's a pool float out there that has your name written all over it. The best part about these eight pool floats is most of them come with a very useful cup holder, so you don't need to leave your beverage of choice behind when you take a dip in the pool. Seriously though, everything you need for the ultimate summer is in one inflatable that you can take on every family vacay, lazy pool hang, and beach day with your friends. Now, it's time to hit up the bar, because I'm ready to order a round of summer pool fun.

Wine Lovers Can Rosé All Day In The Pool

Swimline Inflatable Rose Wine Bottle Float, $29, VM Innovations

The summer is a great time to stop and smell the rosé, so sip and swim on with this wine bottle pool float. Not only is it a celebration of your favorite drink, but it's also that beautiful millennial pink color your Instagram followers won't be able to get enough of. You'll look fab in your pool float selfies with a matching pink swimsuit and sunnies.

Don't Worry, Beer Happy With This Pool Float

Swimline Inflatable Beer Mug Float, $28, VM Innovations

For all the beer lovers out there, here's the mug for you. This float comes with a cup holder for your beer, and the handle doubles as a cooler to store some more of your favorite brews. You never have to get out of the water, and drinking all day in the pool is the epitome of living your best life.

This Root Beer Float Inflatable Is The Cherry On Top Of A Perfect Summer Day

Swimline Root Beer Mug Inflatable Pool Raft, $20, VM Innovations

If you're more of a root beer drinker, this inflatable is the way to go. The puns won't stop when you're relaxing on a root beer float pool float. The cherry on top and straw are pretty sweet details that make this float the one we're all rooting for.

Float On With A Margarita In Hand

Swimline Inflatable Margarita Float, $22, VM Innovations

It's like you're taking a trip to Margaritaville when you're relaxing on this float. Pretty soon, you'll be sipping some margs in the pool and soaking up those beautiful rays of sunshine. All you need now is a cheeseburger, and you'll truly be in paradise.

This Is The Glass Of Red Wine You Want

Swimline Inflatable Glass Of Red Wine Swimming Pool Float, $25, VM Innovations

This pool float had me at merlot. You won't be making any pour decisions if you purchase this inflatable for your pool parties this summer. Caption all of your relaxing pics with, "Time to wine down."

Bloody Mary Fans Will Love This Float From Their Head Tomatoes

Swimline Inflatable Bloody Mary Swimming Pool Float Ring, $26, VM Innovations

Maybe if we say "Blood Mary" three times, this float will magically appear in our lives. That would be a summer miracle. Instead of going out for brunch with your friends, invite them over for Bloody Marys in the pool while you chill in your drink tubes.

Your Summer Will Be Sub-Lime With This Margarita Tube

Swimline Inflatable Margarita Swimming Pool Float Tube, $23, VM Innovations

Margarita lovers, you're in luck, because here's yet another float just for you. The detailing on this adorable AF tube is just too much with the straw and lime poking out. Just give me a drink and this float, and I'll be telling the summer, "Lime yours."

You'll Apple-Solutely Love This Martini Float

Swimline Inflatable Green Appletini Swimming Pool Float, $27, VM Innovations

Maybe an Apple Martini a day will make the summer stay. Then, we can all just relax in the pool and sip on our favorites drinks forever. Hey, a girl can dream.