The latest Covid vaccine memes to go viral include so many pop culture and movie references.

These "Just Because You're Vaccinated" Memes Include Hilarious Movie References

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There has been no shortage of memes to keep people laughing during the coronavirus pandemic, and, of course, the internet is meme-ing it up as the United States moves forward with its COVID-19 vaccination effort. With more people getting vaccinated every day, the internet is now making light of all the things you still can't do once you're vaccinated — and some of these hypothetical storylines are so familiar. From Legally Blonde to Twilight, these viral "just because you're vaccinated" memes include so many beloved pop culture references.

Many people are looking forward to all the things they'll be able to do once the majority of the population is vaccinated and herd immunity is (hopefully) reached. In addition to snapping a vaccine selfie and making a post-pandemic bucket list, many Twitter users are also joining in on a meme turns this idea on its head by pointing out ultra-specific things that are never OK to do. This is where the meme part comes into play. While many entries might seem kind of random at first glance, you'll quickly notice that they're the storylines to some of your favorite movies, TV shows, and books.

From classics like The Lord of the Rings and The Great Gatsby to modern romantic comedies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Clueless, there are so many gems to pick through.

Some people also took inspiration from iconic songs for their "just because you're vaccinated" memes, and somehow made the lyrics even more legendary. From Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" to Taylor Swift's "Fearless," there are so many classic tunes people are sharing that'll make you want to put them back on your playlist.

Getting vaccinated might be a stressful situation, but people are getting creative when making light of some of the caveats we might not expect at the end of the tunnel. These posts are just some of the many hilarious vaccine-related meme entries making the rounds on Twitter.

If you can't get enough of the pop culture fun, head to the platform to see if you can identify some of the more obscure pop culture references and song lyrics without Googling them — double points if you can create your own!

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