The Best Health & Wellness Podcasts To Listen To In 2019 For A Fresh Perspective On Life
by Julia Guerra

2019 is right around the corner, friends, so you better believe I’m making a list and checking it twice. No, I’m actually not referring to my Christmas list this time around (though, don’t you worry, that’s taken care of, too); I’m jotting down a bunch of health and wellness podcasts to listen to in 2019 because, look, I don’t know about you, but I’m super late to the streaming game, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I just recently started tuning in to a select few podcasts over the last few months, but now, it’s pretty much become a hobby of mine to browse through Spotify and bookmark episodes to listen to. Needless to say, with a new year on the horizon, I want to have my roster ready.

OK, here’s the deal, because you probably read that last paragraph in sheer disbelief that anyone could have gone this long without listening to a podcast at least once in their life, even if it wasn’t on purpose. But here’s something you need to understand about me, friends: I am way behind the times. I generally exist in my own little bubble, and I’m perfectly content with that. But when a friend of mine expressed her unconditional love for comedian and YouTube personality Jenna Marbles’ podcast that she does with her boyfriend, Julien Solomita, called Jenna & Julien, and I had no idea what she was even referring to, that’s when I realized I had to hop on this bandwagon.

If, by some chance, you, too, have been left in the dark on these amazing programs that take talk radio to the next level, consider this your invitation to join the party, friend. It’s going to be a great time. And if you're specifically on the hunt for some health and wellness podcasts that'll inspire your lifestyle, give these programs a listen ASAP.

Kalyn's Coffee Talk
kalynnicholson on Twitter

The first podcast I tuned into (after, of course, giving Jenna & Julien a listen) was that of Kalyn Nicholson, one of my favorite wellness influencers on YouTube.

Coffee Talk was originally a series on Nicholson's channel where the guru would sit down in front of the camera with a mug full of coffee or tea, and have a little chat about a specific topic. The series was such a hit that the 24-year-old decided to expand her empire and add "podcast hostess" to her resume.

When you think of health and wellness podcasts, you'd probably assume the conversations would focus on things like food, fitness, etc., but Nicholson covers a wide variety of topics, from her love of tarot, to self-confidence, getting your sh*t together, and self-reflection. There's a little something for everyone, and I highly recommend giving this podcast a listen.

Food Heaven
foodheavenshow on Twitter

Wendy and Jess of the Food Heaven podcast are both registered dietitians with master’s degrees in nutrition, and they serve up some seriously delicious content that's all about healthy eating in a yummy, affordable way that benefits your mind, body, and soul. The program kicks off its sixth season on Dec. 12, 2018, and if you're interested in learning about how to nourish your body through good food and best practices from gurus in the space, I'd suggest you tune in.

Soul On Fire
balancedblondie on Twitter

Jordan Younger, aka The Balanced Blonde, is a blogger, yoga instructor, and the hostess of the SOUL ON FIRE podcast. If you're the type of person who enjoys reading interviews, you'll want to tune into Younger's weekly program.

The wellness guru is known for her in-depth chats with other influencers, as well as experts in the space, from the founder of functional mushroom and adaptogenic herbs brand Four Sigmatic, to Ayurveda icons like Sahara Rose. Personally, I find this podcast really informative, but not to the point where the content is dense, or where the information being communicated to the listener begins to sound like a textbook. You'll learn a lot, and I dare you not to fall in love with Younger's sweet personality.

Sincerely, Hueman
sincerelyhueman on Twitter

Losing faith in humanity? Yeah, 2018 will do that to you. This past year has been a doozy, but Sincerely, Hueman is here to swoop in and re-instill hope in your cold, black heart.

Unfortunately, the news cycle always seems to be buzzing with heartbreaking, frustrating stories, but you never really hear about people carrying out random acts of kindness, like paying for a stranger's meal, or about those who use their creative talents for the greater good of the world. Sincerely, Hueman, however, reports these types of heartwarming tales on the reg, and even though the podcast is fairly new, I'm predicting you'll be hearing about it everywhere in 2019.

Body Kindness
scritchfieldrd on Twitter

Fitness and healthy eating isn't all about aesthetics, and in 2019, the conversation around the reason why you exercise and eat the foods you do, needs to change. To put things into perspective, the Body Kindness podcast focuses on all things body positivity in an attempt to change diet culture, and encourage listeners to love their body for what it is: naturally beautiful.

The Health Code

I have religiously followed Sarah Stevenson of Sarah's Day on YouTube for years. I watched her go from vegan to paleo; I watched the romance between her and her boyfriend, Kurt, bud and fully bloom; and now I'm keeping up with her first pregnancy. I guess you can say I'm a proud member of the #SezzySquad, and if you take my advice and tune into her podcast, The Health Code, you will be, too.

Sarah and Kurt started their podcast back in April, and even though they've got a lot going on these days and probably won't be uploading as frequently as other podcasts — hello, they're getting ready to be parents, OK? — this is definitely a program you'll want on your 2019 playlist. From chats about how to train to meet your goals to holistic wellness tips, the show is comprised of a bunch of casual chats exploring questions you probably never thought to ask about fitness and health.

Well Now
sajewellness on Twitter

If you're a fan of Saje Natural Wellness' products, you're going to love the essential oil experts' new podcast. The brand kickstarted its program in December of 2017, launched Season 2 in August of 2018, and here's to hoping 2019 brings a third season to your streams.

In the meantime, check out the Well Now's archive of past episodes, and give 'em a listen. Hostess Meghann Shantz dives into some pretty thought-provoking subjects, like how the foods you fuel your body with affect your everyday life, how to trust your instincts, how to deal with chronic fatigue, anxiety, and much more. The best part is, each topic is discussed between Shantz, and experts in the space, so you're getting advice from some of the most trustworthy sources.