The Best Health & Wellness Books Coming Out In 2019 To Satisfy Your Reading Resolutions

by Julia Guerra

Can I let you in on a little secret? Resolutions don’t have to be set on exactly Jan. 1, and you're not a failure if you have an intention in mind, but haven’t acted on it yet. For example, maybe your objective is to read and consume more content that doesn't bring up feelings of FOMO, and instead, actually helps you live your best, most vibrant life. Well, not all must-read titles are available on Jan. 1, but you can make a list of the best health and wellness books coming out in 2019, mark their release dates on your calendar, and check them off as you go.

The way I see it, coming up with a list of aspirations may be an end-of-the-year tradition, but who actually has time to strategize their plan of attack during the holiday season? Take it from someone who loves New Year’s resolutions, who also happens to be a little anal about making lists, checking them twice, and coloring in the squares when a task has been completed: January is the most optimal time to prepare for everything you want to conquer in the new year, especially if your New Year's resolution is to read more.

Personally, I'm always looking to add titles to my bookshelf, and my favorite way to browse the latest bestsellers — aside from hitting up my local Barnes & Noble because you know that place is my sanctuary — is through Goodreads. The literary hub is an amazing online database of books on books on books, where you can search by title, author, genre, and check out what other bookworms are raving about.

Lucky for us, Goodreads supplied Elite Daily with the most anticipated health and wellness titles for 2019, and trust me when I say you're going to want to pick up these new releases in the coming months.

Learn How To Live Your Best Life By First Becoming Your Best Self

How-to books are getting a serious upgrade in 2019, starting with life coach Mike Bayer's book that literally maps out how you can live your best life starting right now. As per the developmental coach's official website, his mission is to "help people achieve sound mental health in order to become their best selves," and according to the comments of praise and five-star rating on Goodreads, it's clear that he's doing exactly that.

"This is truly a book for those who have the desire to better their lives through clear and concise goals and an increase in self-awareness," one reader wrote of Bayer's approach.

A How-To On The Best Ways To Declutter Your Entire Life

Do you love to declutter? Are you obsessed with that new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Personally, I genuinely get a kick out of scheduling days throughout the month to clean house. But even if you aren't an organization junkie, maybe you've come to the revelation that certain areas of your life could use a little sprucing up. The good news is, Anna Newton can help.

Rated just shy of five stars, Newton's handbook teaches readers how to simplify everyday life by decluttering anything that can affect the bigger picture, from a messy closet, to the contact list on your phone. As Ingrid (played by Marley Shelton) says in the movie Uptown Girls, the goal is to "slough off the excess to find your center" — aka get rid of anything unnecessary to make room for all that serves you.

A Digital Minimalism Book That'll Inspire You To Cut Down On Screen Time

Let's face it: Most, if not all of us are attached to technology these days. Between your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and e-readers, you have the option to be connected to the news cycle, along with friends and family, 24/7.

On the one hand, it's progressive and wonderful because you can link up to virtually anyone at any time. On the other, too much connectivity is, well, too much, which is why Cal Newport's encouraging you to embrace what's called "digital minimalism."

As per the Goodreads summary of the Georgetown computer scientist's idealisms, Newport is proposing "a bold solution: a minimalist approach to technology use in which you radically reduce the time you spend online, focusing on a small set of carefully-selected activities while happily ignoring the rest." Are you ready to log off once and for all? Give this volume a read to find out how to cut back.

A Book That Will Help You Embrace Your True Self

This title from Rachel Hollis, founder of the Chic Site, is definitely high on my to-be-read list for 2019, and I highly suggest adding it to yours, too.

Following Hollis' bestseller Girl, Wash Your Face, this girlboss is back with a conversational how-to that's sure to resonate with anyone who's ever apologized for who they are at the core, or who's talked themselves out of pursuing a dream. Hollis is going to inspire you to go for it, learn your "why" and "who," and just be because, honestly, that's enough.

A Little Oprah Winfrey Wisdom

Personally, I think we could all use a little Oprah Winfrey wisdom now and again, so it's a joy to learn that, in March of 2019, the queen herself will bestow upon us an entire book of inspiration. This time around, Winfrey's offering up her best tips to help you uncover the most authentic version of yourself, and lead a life that's both successful and meaningful. All of that in just 10 chapters, to boot.

A Guide To Mastering The Art Of Bravery

Perfection is a hoax, and that's OK. It's 2019, after all, and now more than ever, individuality is on the rise. You deserve to be exactly who you are, to love that person unconditionally, and through knowing and embracing your true self, live your life to the fullest.

That's the message Reshma Saujani would like to spread via Brave, Not Perfect. The book is inspired by Saujani's popular TED talk, and focuses on how women in particular can speak up more often, challenge perfectionism, and "rewire ourselves for bravery." Powerful, right? There's more where that came from in every page.

A Title That Puts The Importance Of Order Into Perspective

You know how, if you're feeling kind of down one day, your brain feels foggy, and you start to feel sluggish? Well, when life feels chaotic, the outer world tends to affect your internal self. To combat this, host of the podcast Happier, Gretchen Rubin, explains in her book that you have to declutter and get organized to make room for more happiness and calm in your universe.

"This book is appropriately stripped of clutter, revealing a series of pragmatic tips for decluttering, managing possessions and ultimately maintaining a good mood," one Goodreads user wrote in their review of Outer Order, Inner Calm, adding that Rubin is "ever careful to not prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather to provide pointers to help each reader discover what works for him or her."

Pages For The Creative Soul

Let's say you're a creative, or maybe one of your New Year's resolutions is to become more creative. It's not easy being artsy in this world — there are countless distractions, not to mention an unlimited supply of skepticism — but through his latest title, and some incredible illustrations, Austin Kleon teaches you how to channel your inner artist despite it all. The goal? To just keep you going.