The Best Corsage For You To Wear To Prom, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Spring and prom season have totally sprung. Sure, the sunny weather might suggest that summer is just around the corner, but first, you have to break out the heels instead of the bathing suits for a night you'll always remember. You've probably had dress shopping and alterations on your mind since midterms, and you can't believe prom weekend is finally here. You'll take a test and then book it to your hair appointment. The final touches, like picking out the best flowers for prom corsage, are sometimes the most important. Lucky for you, the universe has your back.

Maybe you're heading off to prom with a date, or are dressing up with your besties. You're all going to look beautiful, and I'm already tearing up a bit thinking about it, like a proud mom. You'll hop in a limousine with your ladies, and take a thousand pictures before the night is over. Seriously, can you tell that my nostalgia is so real right now?

Movies put a lot of hype behind prom, but can we blame them? You'll soon be telling your college roommates about your friends from home and what you wore on this day. The corsage is just a small detail, but one you won't want to look past during all of your planning. The flowers are already picked out by the stars.

Aries: Dahlias
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Go big or go home. Right, Aries? Your style has always been bold and beautiful. For prom, you likely picked out a gown that has a long train or a thousand ruffles. You're hoping to make a grand entrance, and will be the first to hop on the dance floor when the beat drops. You definitely need flowers like dahlias in your corsage to showcase your vibrant personality. Your date is just as energetic and passionate about prom as you are, so this will be a night for the books.

Taurus: Hydrangea
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Taurus, you're more than ready for prom and to put on that corsage. You've been waiting for this night since last semester, and you've been daydreaming about dancing to the slow songs and going shopping for a dress. Truth is, you work so hard and could use a night to make some memories instead of flashcards.

In your crew, you're the reliable one. You likely booked the limousine and made sure your table was sent in on time for the seating arrangement. A hydrangea will be delicate against your dress, but also bold like parts of your personality. You don't necessarily want to be in the middle of every single picture, but want the world to appreciate your outfit.

Gemini: Pink Roses
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Wearing a couple of pink roses on your wrist will be the picture-perfect addition to your look, Gemini. You love getting all dressed up, and can't wait to dance the night away with your date. Some would consider your star sign to show off two kinds of personalities: a serious one and a fun one. This night will bring out only the most social tendencies in you.

Prom is honestly your ideal situation, because you love getting in front of the camera and making conversation with the people in your class. Pink roses are the flirty flower you need before striking a pose.

Cancer: Lilies
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You're not one to make a big fuss, but you'll be feeling very sentimental at prom, Cancer. You're surrounding yourself with your best friends and are about to have such a special night. Just spending quality time with your squad will be enough to make this event one of the best experiences of your school year.

The style of your dress may be simple and classic, with a tad of sparkle on the straps. That's why lilies will be the best flower for a corsage, because they'll complement your gown so well. Be sure to tell your date that they were picked out by the stars.

Leo: Sunflowers
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Summer is right around the corner, Leo. You can't wait to have bonfires on the beach with your besties. But for now, you're all headed to have the time of your life at prom. In school, you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone in the hallway. You've made friends in all of your classes, and have quite the bond with your locker buddies. Some would say your personality is pretty sunny most of the time. Adding sunflowers into your corsage only seems right.

You want to be the center of attention, so a flower that is unlike any other should attract the crowds. Maybe your dress is even a bright yellow, or a radiant red. This pick will make you stand out in every picture.

Virgo: Freesias
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You're very down to earth, and can't imagine causing too much of a scene at prom pictures, Virgo. You and your crew will be posing with your dates at the local park, or maybe just in your bestie's backyard. Freesias will be the perfect pick for your corsage. They'll give your whole look the subtle pop of color it needs to come full-circle.

Libra: Yellow Roses
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Dealing with drama isn't your style, Libra. You're hoping prom goes off without a hitch. Especially when senior year comes around, people can get competitive over colleges and summer jobs. You really just want your besties to put any differences aside and appreciate a sweet night with the squad.

Yellow roses typically symbolize friendship and will put those positive vibes into the air for your entire prom crew. This is supposed to be a night that you'll fondly look back on when you're in college.

Scorpio: Red Roses
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You're a romantic, Scorpio. Instead of studying, you watched prom proposals on YouTube and daydreamed about finding flowers in your locker with a sweet sign. You probably helped your friend's dates ask them to prom, and found a dress that's so stunning.

You blame romantic comedies for your unconditional belief in love stories and everything red roses symbolize. Lucky for you, your date is looking forward to this night as well, and hopes it lives up to your hype. You'll take pictures while putting on your corsage and stand in couples' poses that are always so classic. These photos will one day be in your dorm room, and you'll be telling your roommates so many sweet stories from prom.

Sagittarius: Cornflowers
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If you're a senior, you probably have graduation and the last few events of the semester on your mind, Sag. You're looking forward to what's next, and have debated taking a year off to travel before settling into a dorm room. Prom, like anything else in your life, will be an adventure. You hope your date doesn't mind finding some cornflowers for your corsage.

It's not that they're really rare. Like you, these flowers are just one-of-a-kind. Your friends might have come to know you as the one who's always running late or flaking on plans. As much as you try to deny it sometimes, it's just part of your personality. Prom won't give you a passport stamp, but you're bound to make lots of memories.

Capricorn: Carnations
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You're aiming to have a very classic look at prom, Capricorn. You'll stick to the traditions like wearing a corsage and picking out a beautiful dress to wear. A carnation or two will bring all the right feels to your lovely look.

When you get there, the first thing you'll notice about the venue is the music. Making memories just always requires a soundtrack, and you want to dance along to your favorites and not just what you constantly hear on the radio. If possible, try and take over the AUX, alright?

Aquarius: White Roses
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Are you ready for prom, Aquarius? You're the kind of person who's always busy. You have something on your schedule almost every weekend, and have learned to balance your AP classes and soccer practice on the weeknights. Hanging with your crew has always been your favorite activity, though, and now you get to spend some quality time with them while in a gorgeous venue.

White roses are so elegant. Your look will likely add a little bit of glam or glitter to it. You love showing off your original style. As for a date, you probably wouldn't mind riding to prom solo. You've always been independent, but having someone to pose with for pictures would be pretty sweet, too.

Pisces: Orchids
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Pisces, it's time for prom. Crowds and all the fuss of finding a dress haven't ever really been your style. You'd rather have a casual Saturday night in with your crew rather than go to a house party — but this spring, you're blooming with orchids on your wrist that symbolize opportunity and compassion when it comes to life. Sounds lovely, huh?

Your look is going to be stunning, and your friends already know there will be some sort of comfort factor to it as well. Just be sure to top it off with the corsage picked out for you by the stars.