Fleece Jackets Are A Huge Runway Trend, So Dust Off That Patagonia

The normcore trend (can you still call something a trend if it's been going strong for five-plus years?) continues to evolve season after season, with dad sneakers, fanny packs, and a certain style of hiker-favorite outerwear being its latest champions. The best fleece jackets aren't being made solely by The North Face or Columbia these days — fast fashion retailers and high-brow brands alike have started producing their own more stylized versions in order to keep up with the ever-popular, so-boring-it's-good trends. Yep, that's right: sporty fleece jackets are fashion's most recently usurped "normie" style so if you're outdoorsy and have already got one in your closet, I encourage you to pull it out and pull it on, no matter if you're wearing a gauzy dress or crisp trousers.

I've been on the fleece jacket train ever since I saw Sandy Liang's take on the outerwear style. The designer, who launched her eponymous label in 2013, has included fleeces in her lineups since the very beginning and proven to me and the rest of the fashion world that they do, indeed pair with feather-adorned kitten heels just as well as they pair with leggings and sneakers. This season, Coach sent its own shearling version of a classic sporty fleece down its runway, proving that the style has become a veritable trend. Shop the best fashion-forward fleeces out there below and nail normcore cool.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The OG

While I certainly cannot afford a $525 fleece, I included one of Sandy Liang's fleeces just so you can see how tauntingly good they are. The corduroy pockets, flash of Kelly green, and pink lining — swoon.

Lamb Chops

If you ever watched Lamb Chop's Play-Along as a kid then you understand why this jacket reminds me of a baby sheep. You probably also understand why I am afraid of all puppets.

Serene Green

Like sea foam, except it wont dissolve on your skin the second you touch it.

Lookin' Grape

Millennial lilac is still going strong, so why not wear it in super soft form?

Neutral Territory

It goes with everything and has a hood. Win-win!

Take A Hike

This option is the sportiest of the bunch, which is why I'd pair it with an uber feminine floral ruffled dress. It's all about balance, right?

Fine Lining

The berry accents are everything on this white and ice-blue iteration. The boxy shape and deep pockets are added bonuses.

Little Pink Cloud

Sweet and fluffy and all I want to wear for the rest of my life.

Retro Active

I swear my dad had a fleece that looked like this when I was a kid and I only wish he'd saved it to pass along to me.

Pocket Play

One accent pocket can go a long way. Especially when it's made of fuzzy brown fabric and boasts a vertical zipper.

The Blues

If you can't afford Sandy Liang's version, this ice blue fleece is an excellent alternative.