These Trendy AF People At Coachella Will Transport You To The Festival Grounds

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If you woke up Monday morning with an unrealistic amount of FOMO, you likely didn't go to Coachella and are seeing the phenomenon all over social media. From Beyoncé crushing her performance to the star-studded parties and Instagram-worthy backdrops throughout the festival grounds, it was a tremendous time to be in the desert this past weekend. The best Coachella outfits are always the cherry topping to the event, and they're surely what had you scrolling through hashtags on the 'Gram.

The festival culture has evolved so much, and each year people become trendier and trendier. Maybe if you could have dressed up like some of these fashionable AF humans, missing out on such a prime musical venture wouldn't have been so bad. Seriously, these outfits can't be taken lightly, and the coordinated makeup was also something noteworthy.

Obviously, these outfits took some planning, and the turnout was so dope. Glittery hair buns and cute crop tops only contributed to a fraction of the magic. If fashion could talk, Coachella would literally be its second language. You may not have been able to attend the first weekend, but if you're able to draw some inspo from any of these trendy AF outfits from the festival, it's almost like you were there, too.

Rock The Rainbow
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As much as the temps and sunshine for Coachella didn't need any help in the forecast department, rainbows were literally everywhere. This rainbow two-piece set screams festival season, and it needs to be in my summer wardrobe ASAP. You also can't forget those shades that are too chic for words. My Spice Girl senses are tingling.

Colorful Sequins Are The Way To Go
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This sequin dress is so cool and looks like it was made for the 'Gram. I think we can also all agree that the two little buns really make this look come full-circle. You would have no choice but to dance in the desert like there was no tomorrow in this colorful dress. Where can I order this? I need answers, and I need them ASAP.

Fuzzy Pom Poms, For The Win
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This pom pom look is so colorful and creative, and I'm here for it. I don't know about you, but I loved breaking out the pom poms in arts and crafts when I was a growing up. And as an outfit theme, these people truly deserve an award for this fashion statement. Real talk: I really need to be in their craft corner next year.

This Look Takes The Gold, Quite Literally
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This fashionista is literally glistening all over with this beautiful, embellished ensemble, and that hair complements the sunlight so well. Grooving with those gold tassels must have been beyond enchanting in the desert.

This Lime Green Duo Slayed
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This dynamic duo rocked the lime green vibes from head-to-toe. Those little hats are definitely giving off a Peter Pan vibe, and I so would have been part of the Lost Boys crew if it meant being at Coachella this past weekend.

Tassels For Days
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The only thing better than a sick outfit at Coachella is one that really comes to life when you're dancing in the desert. Every single move was likely marked by these amazing tassels. The Boomerang feature on Instagram was made for this outfit.

A Plaid Statement
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This outfit may have been trekking around the Coachella grounds, but it's totally cruising into Clueless territory, too. The orange is absolutely perfect for a two-piece set, and that halter top seems like it came right out of the '90s to embrace the festival vibes.

Where Else Do You Rock A Shimmery Bodysuit?
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The shimmer at Coachella was so on fleek for weekend one. It's shiny, can be spotlighted in many different patterns, and lit up our social media feeds. I wouldn't be surprised if shimmery items spike in sales after the way people wore it at the festival.

The Daisies Are Here For Spring
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The daisies on this outfit are so freaking cute. You can't ignore those white boots, either. This two-piece set is perfect for festival season, and can definitely make a statement in the summer as well.

OK, the first weekend of Coachella was once again a notoriously fun event that you might not have been able to go to this year. With a little inspo from these outfits, you can rock the look at your next festival.