Benefit Dropped Two New Hello Happy Products & They're Just As Cute As The Cult-Fave Foundation

Courtesy of Benefit

When I was younger, Benefit's Hello Flawless Powder Foundation was one of my first must-have products. I relied on it for setting my before-school glam and touching up my skin after cheer practice, so when they debuted their Hello Happy line, I had high hopes it would be just as good. After all, being ~flawless~ sounds nice and all, but being happy is ideal, don'tcha think? After the success of the collection's first foundation, the Benefit Hello Happy line expansion is here, and there's even a boxed powder that has me nostalgic for those high school getting-ready sessions. If you're a fan of the brand's tried-and-true base products, prepare to add a few new faves to your makeup bag.

Around this time last year in June 2018, Benefit debuted the Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation ($30,, which currently boasts a 4.1/5 rating on the Sephora site, and features some of the cutest and most convenient packaging I've ever seen. Hi, smiley-faced squeeze tube, I think I love you! It was a total hit, and ever since, I've had my fingers crossed the brand might eventually expand the HH range. Finally, the time has come, and I couldn't be more excited. Or, should I say happy.

There are two new additions to the line, the first being the Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation ($30,

While the Soft Blur Foundation was more of a natural matte, this baby is described as having a natural satin finish:

There are 12 shades total in the range, with three for lighter skin, five for medium skin, and four for deep skin. Peep the heart-shaped swatches:

Courtesy of Benefit

Personally, I'm all about a brighter look for summer, and given that this product claims to have 12-hour wearability, it seems like a great option for the season. According to Benefit, the formula contains hydrating hyaluronic acid, radiance-boosting flower acids, and photochromaic pigments that work to further brighten up the appearance of dull skin.

Another thing I love about this launch? Anyone not ready to commit to a full-size foundation can snag a Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation Mini ($15, for half the price:

Genius! As someone who rarely makes her way through a standard-size bottle without getting bored or needing a new shade match (Your girl gets a tan!), a smaller option is such a huge win.

More of a powder person? I feel you; that's why I'm so thrilled about the Hello Happy Velvet Powder Foundation ($30, dropping, too:

You can wear it alone for a nice matte finish, or use it for extra coverage on top of your liquid foundation:

Like the foundation, the powder comes in 12 shades, and the cutest part is that each happy-faced component matches the shade inside. Love it! Even though the powder feels lightweight on the skin, it's definitely buildable up to medium-full coverage when using a sponge, so anyone looking for coverage who might not want to opt for anything too glowy will love this option.

It's also got one of those little compartments that stores an included sponge and brush, so it's ideal to take with you on the go:

Courtesy of Benefit

The Hello Happy collection makes me happy, and if you feel the same, you can shop both new products online on Sephora and the Benefit website.