The 'Bachelor Winter Games' Anthem Has Bachelor Nation Totally Freaking Out


Are you ready, Bachelor nation? Grab your ski pants and Chris Harrison pride because we're heading to Vermont for the first ever Bachelor Winter Games. I AM SO READY. The show has already declared that it's mixing "humor" with love, according to the info page on ABC. As we could've predicted, the show has totally delivered on the humor aspect. The Bachelor Winter Games anthem is everything we didn't know we needed.

It wouldn't be the Winter Games without a proper opening. Chris Harrison handed off the stage to singer Fionnuala Cree and she belted out the song of a lifetime. The lyrics to the anthem read,

Wow, really powerful stuff. Cree definitely brought it home when she sang, "we want to see this through," which is basically the tone of the show. The entire season is going to last just four, two-hour episodes. We only have eight hours to devote to Winter Games, so let's make this count, fam.

Angelika Julia on YouTube

No one knows how to get fans excited like The Bachelor franchise. Fans were pumped after the anthem.

However, some people on Twitter did find the anthem cringe-worthy. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

There are 12 of our favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette alum from the United States competing for love this season, but also some fresh faces from around the world. Everyone is living under one roof, and I'm legit so excited to see how relationships form. When giving fans a sneak preview into what is expected on the show, ABC said,

Fan favorite and promising Winter Games contestant, Eric Bigger, had other motives for joining the show. During an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, the personal trainer admitted that he wanted to make more connections within The Bachelor franchise. Totally fair. He said,


As far as falling in love — we'll have to wait and see, but Bigger explained that a lot of relationships were formed when the contestants were just kicking it in the house. He said,

I'm seriously so ready for something new from The Bachelor world. Let's go for gold, people.

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