A 'Bachelor' Contestant Cried About Her Fear Of Bumper Cars & Twitter Can't Handle It

by Laura Rizzo

Arie has been stunning the contestants with his blue eyes and chill demeanor. We're only in the second week, and people are already talking about falling for him. Must be that race car driver charm. Speaking of race cars, Arie and the ladies got in full race gear for The Bachelor Week 2 group date.

The women on the date included: Sienne, Valerie, Tia, Kendall, Maquel, Marikh, Jenna, Caroline, Bekah, Lauren G., Chelsea, Annaliese, Brittany, Jenny, and Bibiana. I found it hard to keep track of all 15 women while watching, so I can't even imagine the stress it caused Arie. The Bachelor should try a new name tag system.

Arie took his posse for a demolition derby date. If you have no idea what that is (I sure didn't), it's when you drive cars around and bash into each other. Like, a grownup version of bumper cars. Each woman got to decorate their car with spray paint (glam!) then drive around and try to wreck each other (fun!). Basically, I would have rather had Becca's one-on-one date where she got Niel Lane earrings. That's just me, though.

Arie drove up looking suave as ever and showed off to the ladies by zipping all over the track. In the words of Tia, "he did not hit anybody ... it was pretty hot, actually." Arie did seem to understand that this date might put a few of the ladies out of their comfort zone, so he said he was looking for the contestants to just have fun and let loose.

Their practice consisted of driving around barrels. Most of the girls actually drove through the barrels. I think it was Bibiana who announced she doesn't have a driver's license. Let the games begin.

Before things started, Annaliese admitted she had a fear of bumper cars from when she was little. The group date triggered some sort of panic attack, but it was a little hard to piece together during the dramatic black-and-white reenactment. Arie was actually very kind and took the hyperventilating contestant aside and talked to her. She eventually calmed down and opted to participate in the challenge. She also kicked ass while at it. You go, Annaliese, overcome those bumper cars.

However, Twitter could not handle Annaliese's anxiety.

Taylor Nolan did speak out to remind us all that trauma is no laughing matter, even if it is on The Bachelor. Thanks for putting us in our place, Tay.

Don't worry, Annaliese perked right up once she got out on the field.

The date had some other rough patches, specifically for Brittany. Homegirl rode the demolition derby hard and actually ended up with a concussion. She unfortunately had to miss the after-party, but is going to be just fine.

The real star of the date was Sienne. Not only did she win the derby, but she also received the date rose. Sienne is definitely one of my favorites, and I hope she sticks around for a while. Am I the only one who thinks Sienne is WAY out of Arie's league? Apparently, Arie likes to reach for the stars.

The rest of the episode continued in the usual fashion — drama, drama, drama. Bibiana and Krystal got in a blow out fight, Kendall showed Arie some taxidermy, and a lot of girls said, "Can I steal you for a sec?" The girls we said goodbye to after the rose ceremony were Valerie Biles, Lauren Griffin, and Jenny Delaney. Bye, ladies, I hope you like Fit Tea.

Honestly, the rest of this season looks amazing. There are going to be some mountainous highs, but deep lows. Let's do this!

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